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Missing Stuff is Great! - Replayability and Choice-Driven Content

Choice-driven Content  

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  1. 1. When it comes to choices in a role-playing game -

    • I don't want to miss any content in a single playthrough, so choices should be flavor alone and not lead to me missing more than a dialogue response or maybe some extra loot.
    • I'd like to see most of the game on one playthrough, so choices should be mostly cosmetic or combat oriented - how my character looks, fighting style and weapons, maybe advancement choices - so if I do replay most of the new will come from my chara...
    • I don't want to miss any story elements on a single playthrough, but class, race, companions are okay to have choices that I don't get to see unless on repeated playthroughs. I want the story to stay mostly the same.
    • I like some game and story choices beyond my character. Mostly side quests that aren't important to the story, maybe tied to my character or my chosen companions. Options to not do non-vital missions, kill or save minor NPCs.
    • I want meaningful choices - my character, my companions, side quests... but also different endings, maybe different factions I can side with. Maybe I should still be able to see most of the game, side with most people with a few exceptions.
    • I need lots of choices and I need to feel that my run through the game is different than most other people's, even maybe my subsequent ones. MC and party, endings, factions, story quests and major plot points are all game.
    • Open world is for me. No strong central story, and if there are companions I want to be able to ignore them. No mandatory quests; I want to run around, do whatever strikes my fancy, and the gameworld needs to reshape to my whims as I craft my own tal...

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All I really care about is the ability for my character's personality and decisions to have an impact on the story. I want to be able to play through once as a front-door berserker, and again as a subtle, overcomplicated mercenary, and yet another as a pacifistic do-gooder, and have each experience be radically different based on the differences in character. F:NV indulged me beautifully. I couldn't really do it in Baldur's Gate though.


In recent years I have developed a new approach to RPGs. Back in the day, I was a completionist. I did everything, I explored every corner, I made sure to solve every quest.


Now, I am a hard core role-player. I make a character and stick to that character come Hell or high water. If I'm playing a spy, then no, she's not going to be interested in helping an old man get his sword back from the tomb of his long dead brother. If I'm playing a Conan pastiche, I'm unlikely to undertake a diplomatic mission to bring peace between the orks and the horse people. Walking away from stuff the character wouldn't do is wonderfully liberating, and obviously is great for a game's replay value.

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I could've sworn I posted in this thread already -- or maybe it was a similar thread -- but I chose option 6. I think that game worlds should offer the player a noticeable difference in how various things play out (ie. companions, quests, factions) depending on your choices. It's one of the things Alpha Protocol did very well, IMO.

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