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[Merged] Co-Op Multiplayer as some potential future stretchgoal?

Co-Op / Multiplayer as a potential stretch goal?  

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  1. 1. Would co-op be a stretch-goal that you might be interested in past the 2.4 million mark?

    • Yes/Possibly
    • No

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  • 1 year later...

WTF!!!???   no multiplayer??  man... sooo disapointed .. i REALLY wanted to play this game LAN ... guess ill never play this game, i dont have much time to play games, but when i do i try to play them with friends,  i can justify (with myself) taking the time to play games with friends, but cant really by myself... i play little games for like 30 mins max, but a huge rpg game like this, i just cant play unless its coop ...  SUPER DISAPOINTED !!! :( :( :( :( :( :(

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what killjoys would ever vote no ???  sad.png  really disappointed

I voted no, but not because I want to deny someone else the chance to have multiplayer. I don't think wanting multiplayer makes you a bad person. However, as has often been stated in these threads, if they're going to put in a stretch goal, I would want them to put in something that I like. So, if you asked, "would it be nice if multiplayer fans have the option?" I'd say yes. If you ask, "should the new funding level go towards multiplayer?" I'd say no. I want the new funding level to go towards more NPCs, or another couple levels on the mega dungeon, or another medium sized town. ...And I would expect you to think of that when voting in one of these online polls, so that if you don't want any more levels on the dungeon, you would vote no to that because you'd rather have multiplayer.

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The only reason one could vote no, is if you have not played Neverwinter Nights. Pillars has the potential, to become the greatest online game in years!

Not remotely true. I played NWN. Still wouldn't want PoE to sink resources into multiplayer in any fashion or form.

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I agree with Luckmann.  I played NWM and its a great multiplayer at the sacrifice of a crappier single player experience.  I would not want PoE to be multiplayer.  Again check out sword coast legends for multiplayer I will be.  A good example is DA:I and Mass Effect 3.  Very good games.  Could have been GREAT without multiplayer.  The multiplayer is very mediocre and more development could of gone into single player.

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Have gun will travel.

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