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Ah yes, that makes much more sense.  The politicking can be annoying.



Curious if Comcast would have enough clout to try actually punishing HBO for doing something like that, though.  HBO is pretty big.  Would be ironic if HBO actually became more successful if they were less cable oriented anyway.


Though I guess the problem is more that Comcast also controls the internet, and I wouldn't be surprised if they got somewhat petulant about it.  I imagine it'd become a legal mess.



EDIT: Or alternatively, Comcast paid money to HBO for some level of exclusivity (which is less nefarious)

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Yes we know big bad pirates take from your paycheck alanchu. I don't think the oatmeal was being for pirates, I think he was just being funny about the game of thrones digital distribution fiasco. 

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NEWSFLASH: There will always be people who feel they are entitled to anything...


So?  Doesn't mean they're justified in doing it simply because they can.


If your point is that there'll always be people that are pretty much slaves to their desires, it's kind of a statement of the obvious.


And again, you nitpicked one sentence from my whole post and completely missed the point as a whole...


It was not about that pirating people are right about their justifications... It was about big companies being wrong when they put hurdles in a entertaining of their customers...


And if they do this, there will always be someone, who offer them something with less hurdles in a way... ergo Robin Hood analogy...

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Closing for post length. Feel free to make a new thread to continue the discussion.

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