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Force Powers

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KOTOR 2 promises new force powers. For instance they mentioned in the article force see, but thats not new at all. Its been in the Outcast and Acedemy as well some of the other games. I thought if might to interesting to brain strorm some truely original force powers.


For instance for the light side, a blinding power. This will make all dark side characters temporarily blind not being able to attack properly making their hit weak if they can hit you at all.


And for the dark side force chains, that restrict a characters movements meaning that can not attack at full power or they cant use some moves on you.


And one more. Stop time. Since this is single player no problem. There can be a certain area where time will be stopped, allowing you to heal or attack. This wold be major force drainage though.


PLease continue to brain storm.

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I would like a force jump that can be used to get places, instead of just jumping into a fight.


Also tune down the master speed/master flurry combo.




Using a gamepad to control an FPS is like trying to fight evil through maple syrup.

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Force Choke & Dominate Mind were underused.


The only time you could choke someone, outside of combat, was the Czerka officer on Tatooine. It was satisfying though.


Dominate mind could also be better. The infamous Zalbaar/Mission scene aside, you never get much opportunity to really dominate someone. What a shame.

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Here are some more force powers that could be imcorperated. Theres heaps but some really interestng ones.




Control Powers



Absorb/Dissipate Energy

This power allows a force user to absorb energy attacks, and dissipate it.

Difficulty: Any Adept may do this with items such as blasters etc., the higher the level the more powerful attacks a Force user can absorb.


Accelerate Healing

This allows a force user to greatly accelerate their healing process

Difficulty: Adept to start but this only aids in small cuts etc. and does not heal them immediately but improves the speed of the healing that will still take place slowly. The higher the level the quicker the time healing. No one may heal themselves in a day from the Force.


Control Pain

Control pain lets a jedi / dark jedi continue a task despite great pain

Difficulty: Adept for small pains, higher the level the less the pain is reduced and the greater the pain that can be dealt with.


Detoxify Poison

Allows you to detoxify poison in yourself or someone nearby

Difficulty: Adept to start, for very complicated poisons Knights and Masters.


Enhance Attribute

Enhance attribute increases a basic skill, i.e. jumping, running, acrobatics

Difficulty: Knight


Hibernation Trance

Sends a force user into a hibernation where their body needs less attention.

Difficulty: Adept


Instinctive Astrogation Control

Allows a force user to "feel" their way through hyperspace, and to plot courses

Difficulty: Adept


Reduce Injury

Similar to Accelerate healing, except reduces extent of injury, doesn't actually heal

Difficulty: Adept for sprains etc., Knight and above for more serious injuries.


Remain Conscious

Allows you to remain conscious when wounds normally would incapacitate you

Difficulty: Knight


Resist Stun

Allows you to resist a stun blast

Difficulty: Knight


Short-term Memory Enhancement

Very useful tool for remembering the exact details of a recent memory

Difficulty: Adept


Shields of the Force:

The Ability to raise a defensive Force Shield.

Difficulty: Shields can defend against Energy attacks and other physical attacks. It cannot last for very long however. In combat a Force User may raise it as a reflex against Saber attacks. A Knight can block a saber attack but not be able to raise a shield again during combat. Masters would be able to raise their shield again in battle at some point and take another hit from a saber after taking one already, being able to take a total of 2 attacks before they lost their abilities to block saber attacks. Often when this is done, some form of damage is also done to the person raising the shield. A very direct attack with a saber may kill someone regardless of a shield. For instance, a saber attacking a hand or neck or feet will do damage and probably cut the thing in half because the force shield would block the saber but not stop it. An attack aimed at a shoulder would probably be blocked but the shoulder would be cut. Another use of the power, when some other attack is suspected, and a shield is raised to defend against something such as shrapnel etc., a Knight may raise a shield to defend against it. Depending on the type of attack, they will take damage. They cannot raise another shield after this until they rest some way. Another use for a Force Shield is raising a small one to block blaster attacks, a Knight may raise a small force shield the size of a hand to block blaster attacks, A Force User will eventually tire though and cannot defend against blasters for ever.





Sense Powers



Combat Sense

Allows force user to focus on the battle, enhancing combat effectiveness

Difficulty: Adept


Danger Sense

This is power all force users constantly have. Allows to sense immanent danger.

Difficulty: Apprentice


Life Detection

Allows jedi to sense life around him, and who that life is

Difficulty: Apprentice


Magnify Senses

Using this power, a force user can magnify the five senses

Difficulty: Adept


Receptive Telepathy

With this, you can receive emotion and thought of others

Difficulty: Apprentice


Sense Force

Allows you to sense the force in a certain place, and whether it is light or dark

Difficulty: Apprentice




Alter Powers




Allows you to injure or kill an opponent through touch, i.e. punches, kicks.

Difficulty: Master



This very important power involves using the force to pick up and move/ stop solid objects

Difficulty: For very small items, like small rocks and maybe a light saber or blaster an apprentice would have to concentrate. For things a bit larger an Adept would have to concentrate. Things like Blasters and Lightsabers come a bit quicker and concentrations isn't required much and tiny rocks etc. move easily. Knights can bring small items like lightsabers etc. quickly without concentration, large rocks and heavy machines like a droid would require moderate concentration, something several hundred pounds would require concentration. Heavy things can be pushed with the Force much easier now as well. Masters can lift people and large rocks and droids fairly easily, while fairly heavy things would require a great deal of concentration. The most powerful Masters can lift people, large rocks and droids very easily and move things under a thousand pounds with a fair amount of concentration. Heavy things such as Star Fighters may be lifted with great concentration. Note: A Force User cannot levitate another Force User of the same strength unless the other Force User allows him too.



This power involves using Telekinesis to lift the Force user using the power up above the ground.

Difficulty: Varies according to level. Adepts may be able to slightly slow a short fall decreasing injury but not avoiding injury. Knights may be able to slightly increase the effectiveness of a jump or turn a fall backwards into a flip. A Master may be able to levitate himself with much concentration upward but never very far. A powerful Master may be able to levitate himself fairly high with much concentration but small heights very easily. Never can a Force User levitate himself when falling a very great distance.





Control and Sense Powers




Allows a force user to "see" into the future, past, and present.



Lightsaber Combat

Allows you to become one with your saber, making it like an extension of your arm.


Projective Telepathy

This power lets a force user project their thoughts and feelings to someone

receiving them.




Control and Alter Powers



Accelerate Another's Healing




Control Another's Pain





Return Another To Consciousness





Sense and Alter Powers



Dim Other's Senses

This allows a user to dim another's perception





Control, Sense, and Alter



Affect Mind


Someone think they are, hear, see, and feel something

they do not.



Enhanced Coordination

Very useful power, makes the coordination of a group better, works especially

well on Imperial Navy crews.



Mental Translocation

This is a form of teleportation that allows the user to have an "out-of-body"

experience in which they see in a tunnel vision. They move anywhere and see

anything, no barriers stop them, and cannot be sensed.



Astral Translocation

The final form of teleportation. This makes the users tangible body go limp, while the life essence of a user moves through the astral plain to view things he cannot see. Unlike mental translocation, in the astral plain, a user can interact with others who use this power. This is a good way to fight duels where one side is notorious for pulling a saber, blaster, or other non force attack. If the corporal body is destroyed, the user is forever trapped on the astral plain...



These are the powers/spells of the Sith ...





Basic Powers

All of these must be learned to start learning any spells.



Control Pain

Control Pain lets a Dark Jedi/Sith continue a task despite great pain.


Hibernation Trance

Sends a Force user into a hibernation where their body needs less attention.




Sith equivalent to Emptiness, when you come out of rage, all Force skills are greatly increased.



Reduce Injury

Similar to accelerate healing, except reduces extent of injury, doesn't actually heal.



Sense Force

Allows you to sense the Force in a certain place, and whether it is light or dark.



Projective Telepathy

This power lets a Force user project their thoughts and feelings to someone.



Inflict Pain

Allows a Sith to cause extreme pain in an adversary, usually involves the throat.




Infectious Wound

This enchantment causes the wounds inflicted by a weapon to become impervious to healing. Most often employed on blade weapons. - by ajg3380@unix.tamu.edu




Body: Aeromancy, Alteration, , Electric's, Hydratics, Geomancy & Gravatics.





Aeromancy - The field of elementalism that specializes in manipulation of the Air.



Flight: Manipulation of the air currents to levitate one's self. This can be modified to use on other objects.


Wind Blast: Direction of the air towards an opponent used to knock them off balance, distract, or to hurdle them towards something. Can be used in reverse to "shove" the opponent towards the Aeromancer.


Forcewind: This spell alters the path of any shots aimed against the caster so that they will miss him/her and hit beside the caster. The attacker won't see anything strange because the the shoots departs form its course on its way for the caster, and the attacker will see it as a usual failure.


Pressure: Altering of the air pressure around one's opponent that results in extreme discomfort, possible nausea, and if the user is strong enough and the pressure is increased, the person or object under the stress can either be crushed due to the pressure, or is severely crippled.


Denial of Life: Only available to Masters and above, this skill consists of removing the air around your opponent, making it impossible to breathe.


Clouds: This is a similarity to the effect of the nuclear winter, but only there is no radiation. This spell is effective against a whole planet or moon. The caster summons the forces of the winds and tries to force them into and out of the realm of the spirits at a very quick rate, thus making the winds turn black. And since the winds are usually always present in the higher layers of the atmosphere, the winds would make the whole sky dark, completely blacking out the sun for the inhabitants of a planet. This effect has no possible reverse and causes most of the planet's population to die from cold and hunger.




Alteration - The field of elementalism that specializes in the alteration of the molecules of the user and limited manipulation of objects around them. (Higher level power due to the strength and skill needed to sustain the modifications)



Facial Manipulation: This spell enables the caster to copy the face of another being, either living or dead. The caster gains the facial features of the chose individual, providing the caster can clearly see the face he/she/it is trying to emulate. The caster does not gain any sensory abilities (or disabilities) associated with the new face. Note that the false face is NOT an illusion, it can last for several hours depending on the casters rank, or until he/she/it chooses to end it.


Change of Style: Altering an object, such as a saber into a serpent, for a sustained amount of time dependent upon the user's level.


Full Body Manipulation: Completely changing the shape of the user into something ranging from a small bird to a larger beast of burden, depending on how skillfully the molecules are arranged.


Manipulation of Others: Skill reserved for Masters and above, this skill allows the user to manipulate his or her opponent into something less hostile. Extremely draining, a four step process.


Dark Double: This spell creates an illusion of the caster that is under the caster's complete control. It appears to be a perfect duplicate since the caster is familiar with all the nuances of his own body and mannerisms.

Despite the skill of the image, the illusion is flawed at this level. It cannot make any sound and has no substance. Thus anyone viewing the illusion would see an exact duplicate of the caster, but the image could not speak, would make no sounds as it walked, etc. The caster must also be able to see the illusion he is creating so that he can concentrate on his actions(either by being in line of site or viewing it with some sort of surveillance equipment).


Shapeshifting: This spell allows a Sith sorcerer to again touch the Prime wave and open all channels of communications to let the Force flow through his body. However, the user must search out the proper frequency of the Force to successfully cast this spell. To do that, he needs to meditate on the spell's meaning . As the Force flows through the user's body, his appearance slowly morphs from human to animal. The Sith may choose what animal he/she wants to morph into. The frequency of the spell depends on the wanted animal. It is sad to say that when the spell is completed, along with the body morphs user's mind into that of the animal. The user literally becomes an animal, his mind changed into bestial. From that point on , the only counteraction one can take against this spell is for some other Sith user to cast a "Werewolf" spell on the animal. .


Lethargic Sleep: A millennium ago, an unknown Sith sorcerer used this spell to trick his enemy into thinking> that the sorcerer was dead. This spell simulates the condition of clinical death by slowing down every body function almost to the point of real death, but still keeping the subject alive. It launches a specially configured wave right to the surface of the brain lobes which slows down the synaptic reactions. The person under lethargic sleep will look and feel dead, exhibiting lowering temperatures, showing no pulse, heartbeat or breath. The only drawback of this spell is that it's difficult to predict its effects. A person may be in a state of lethargic sleep a few hours, OR a few years. The range is that wide.





Cryomancy -



Cryofreeze: This spell has never found practical use in history, but theoretically its advantages can be found. If one plans to embark on a long voyage without a hyperdrive, one may wish to cast this before doing so. After this is cast, the Sith Sorcerer falls into trance similar to both hibernation and cryostasis. However, such trance may last for millions of years, while cryochambers preserve a person only for a maximum of 100,000 years with 15% mental and bodily degradation. The caster may choose when to wake up. Although, I can not see how one may find this spell useful in today's technology, this proves that the Sith have existed long before anyone even got an idea of building a hyperdrive.


Force Capsule: It is best to cast this spell in unison with the Cryofreeze. After the casting, a Sith Sorcerer is completely covered with a bubble about the size of an escape pod completely consisting of the Force. After that, if the user doesn't cast Cryofreeze, he will simply suffocate in the limited space of the bubble. Then the bubble may act as a rocket and fly up carrying the sorcerer away into deep space. It is completely guided by the directions put in it by the sorcerer before the casting. The bubble senses when the sorcerer feels that the journey is complete and then disperses, even if it might dissipate in outer space Then, automatically, the Cryofreeze is disengaged and the sorcerer wakes up. It is very useful if one wants to leave and never return somewhere and spend his life as a hermit .


Freezing Of The Exterior: A powerful spell that affects organic and non-organic substances alike. This spell uses the Dark side to suck out all kinetic energy from the molecules of the target, thus lowering the target's temperature to zero degrees Kelvin. This sudden freezing makes the target become brittle, and can thus be easily shattered. There is legend of a Sith Sorcerer who made Ice sculptures out of his opponents through the use of this spell .


Crystallize: This spell only has one purpose and that is offensive and destructive. Based on the early human attempts at cryostasis, it was first pioneered by the primitive Sith Magicians about 40000 years BSW. A Sith Magician launches a bolt of energy at the target. As the bolt enters the target's body, it cools it immediately down to the temperature of -40 degrees Celsius. However, the cooling is so brief, that the target does not die at once. And yet, as the temperature is lowering with the bolt, the water in the cells contracts and then at -30 it expands again and crystallizes causing massive cellular damage. When the body gains temperature again, osmosis in the cells is resumed, and most of the cells explode from the holes caused in them by crystallization. The damage is 100% fatal.


Life Suspension: A Sith Lord may cast this spell on themselves prior to their own bodies death. The dark side will hold the body at the health when it is cast, even if the body does not remain in one piece. -By Regent Gita


Sacrificial Gain: A Sith Lord sacrifices the life of a force sensitive individual to extend their life in ratio to the force strength of the individual with only minor bodily degeneration.




Electric's -


Scrambling Of The Electric: This spell is the Sorcerer's equivalent of EMP devices. Here, the Dark Side of the Force is used to cause "ripples" in the electromagnetic field; ripples that could in fact scramble any electrical device in the vicinity, up until the point that the electrical device is unusable. This is a good spell for disabling enemy equipment-


Charge Stone: This spell allows a VDSM "charge" a rune stone with magical >energy. It transfers the mentioned energy from the caster of the spell, first through the rune structure itself and then into the body of the stone. Let it be noticed that the magical energy does not destroy the rune stone. When such a spell is cast upon it, it becomes a sort of a magical storage battery. However, a charged rune stone is an extremely volatile material and that gives it a possible use as a weapon. If a charged stone is thrown against a hard surface or detonated, it will explode producing the effects of a thermal detonator or a grenade killing anyone close to the explosion. But, fire or other flammable chemicals will have no effect on such a stone.


Trigger: This spell relates to Charge Stone above. When the rune stone is charged, the magic in it can be triggered by this sorcery. As with the impact on the hard surface, the stone will explode in a white flash acting like a grenade. Such a spell in complement with the stone itself makes an excellent assassination weapon without the burden of buying expensive explosives or detonators.


Protect possessions: This spell was written to have been first used at the burial of the Dark Lord Edor Kalgh by his "friends", the magicians of the Sith. These mages first covered all of the targeted possessions in some kind of gray-red dust and then after an incantation was said, the possessions and the body of the Dark Lord burst into flames. I researched this spell, and found that the flame consists of negative kinetic energy which not only protects a possession from someone's robbery, it also causes all in the flames to come to a state of time stop. That means that if a dead body is covered with the flames, it will forever remain in its original form. Only the caster of the spell can dissolve the flames and touch the possessions. The flame "recognizes" he who cast the spell, and allows the Sith sorcerer to come in physical contact with the object.


Dark Ball: The dark ball is actually a concentrated sphere of kinetic and electric energies created again only to serve its master and therefore is under his control. The dark ball, when created may act in many roles. It can act as a Force mask or turn into a Sith talisman. It can also act as a shield in battle and protect its master. It has been rumored that the little sphere can even kill. Being able to change sizes, the Sith sorcerer may find it a great asset if he wishes to retrieve some hard-to-get or rare item.




Hydratics -



Death Rain: A rain is caused by the caster that kills all that it hits and can destroy solid matter. It can be consider similar to acid rain but more potent. The caster must be under cover or the rain will harm him/her as well.




Geomancy -



Block Lightsaber: Using an object, the caster can use the Force to increase the power of the object to sustain multiple lightsaber blows. The object can also be transformed to act as a lightsaber.


Abnormal Germination: This spell is used upon a patch of plants anywhere under 800 meters long, and will make them sprout from seeds to mature planets in ~6 days. Often used where the Sith has nothing to eat, but cannot Hibernate.


Sinkhole: This spell will create a depression in the earth anywhere from 2 meters to 2000 meters wide, and varying in depth from 1 foot to 30 feet.




Gravatics -



Telekinesis: This very important power involves using the force to pick up and move/ stop solid objects Difficulty: varies according to weight of object.


Levitation: This spell allows the caster to levitate them self off the ground to any height. They are able to move backwards and towards upwards and downwards. Speed depends upon the level of the caster. This spell requires a small amount of concentration but if it is broken the caster will plummet from where they are to the ground.



The Following Spells Are EXTREMELY hard to learn since they can cause catastrophic events.



Accel: In accel the caster is able to speed up the speed of an object my manipulating the gravitational Force Put upon it.


Wreak Havoc: In this spell the caster manipulates the gravitation force of his surrounding area to change the change the tides and weather patterns. He Can cause anything from swells in the ocean and water spouts to whole Tsunamis.


Graviton Affection: With this spell the caster can change the Graviton waves that are coming to a planet to suit his better needs.


Harness Grav: This spell allows the caster to harness the power of a gravity wave and travel at a speed equal to that of the speed of light.


Gravisphere: The caster in this spell can create a field around them like a force shield but instead of using the force they harness the field of gravatics.


The Rift: With this spell the caster controlling gravity can cause a small star to compress and create a black hole. The holes dimensions are 200 Square Feet. They caster Must be warned though, for if he get to close to the black hole he will be sucked in and deatomized.


Gravatic Collapse: This spell is very hard to master since you can either create new life or destroy all life with it. This Spell Allows the caster to implode a star or other celestial body under the influence of its own gravity. Resulting in a body that is many times smaller and denser than the original body. This Spell is to be used with great caution.






Mind: Animism, Menatlism, Pyrism & Spectromancy.





Animism - The field of elementalism that specializes in the control and understanding of animals.




The Tongue: When using this power any animal that the caster comes upon is able to understand what the caster is saying just as the sounds projected are able to be understood by the caster.


Mind Joining: In this special the caster is able to control any animals that he so wishes.




Mentalism -



The Harrowing: This is taught to all Sith Warriors upon their becoming a Sith Warrior. It affords the Sith Warrior the ability to "sense" another Sith or Jedi near. Giving salt to the saying one cannot sneak up on a Sith.


Hallucinations: With this spell, many sorcerers used to drive their enemies mad. The user collects all of his negative emotions, or energies and through the Force channels them right into the body of the victim. This spell causes severe rise in body temperature of the target and also causes multiple hallucinations. The victim can be affected by these for a long time before they wear off, time long enough to drive a person to insanity.


Curse of the deceased: This minor illusion causes spirits to rise from the ground and attack a target chosen by the caster. Although the spell can not actually harm the target, their frenzied attack and horribly wailing can be most unsettling to an unprepared opponent, and it is a good distraction during combat. The spell can last for several minutes, and be directed to attack any opponent as dictated by the caster.


The Dark Voice: At this level of the Voice, The Sith sorcerer can make suggestions to others of lesser rank and have them carried out as "good ideas". The Sith Adept can also at this point in his training also summon up the Weirding way and make there physical abilities increase through the Sith training in the Weirding Way. The Weirding Way is the special Sith Warrior combat training that they use through the Weirding Module however the Sith Adept at this point does not need the Weirding Module to achieve this power.


Fear: The Sith can use the Fear spell to ward off or even completely destroy an enemy of any size. The only energy the spell requires is that of sheer will. It is a known fact that each and every person in the universe has something to fear. And another fact is that each person has a full manifestation of such fear. That is what the spell uses. The Sith affects the mind of its victim so that instead of a human before their eyes appears such a manifestation. If the Sith increases his hold on the victim , the victim in the end gets so terrified that he dies with his heart stopping. But, if even then, the Sith won't let the spirit of the victim leave his body by increasing his hold on the victim even more , the body shall burn up and turn to ashes in a matter of minutes.


Psychic parallel: Using this spell, a Sith Sorcerer can alter reality in his target's mind. He creates a separate world, parallel to the real one. So, his target can be mislead for a long, long time. Even forever, sometimes, if some lucky psychiatrist doesn't discover it. However, if the target is hurt in the real world,he will be most likely hurt in the dream world and vice versa. A person under this effect can be easily detected, however, because of the absent minded look, muteness, and sleepwalker-style of walking. For example, a guy dreams that he is in the hospital, while in reality, he is lying on the floor.


Neural Neutralization: This spell when cast would lead to the complete death of the enemy of the caster. Its effects produce a alpha radiation wave upon the body of the target. This causes the body to manufacture certain chemicals in the nervous system. These chemicals act as a poison to the neuron connections. They combine with the neuroreceptors at the end of the cells and cancel out the chemical reaction between the neurons ,preventing the transfer of information from one neuron to another and that way shut down the entire nervous system causing almost instant death in an enemy.




Pyrism -



Fire Demon: This spell is to be cast on a dead artifact i.e. a stone etc.. The artifact then takes the form of a Fire Demon in the same size of the original artifact. The Demon has vines and burrs constant, and there is no way to put out the fire. The Demon sets anything the caster wants into fire. The Demon lasts 5 min/Level and then it returns to its original shape.


Pyrokinetic Kill: A chosen target is ignited in a burst of dark flame. The flame of the dark side and thus can't be doused as normal flame. It burns until the target has been turned to ash or it is doused by the force.


Dragons Breath: This spell is a progressive spell one can learn it at but the Sith Sorcerer continues to advance with his/her ability to wield the spell. At its basic level the Sith Sorcerer can summon up a fiery blast that bellows forth from the casters mouth. This blast travels the length of line of sight in a straight line. As the caster grows within the Sith he/she can begin to customize the effect of the blast. At Level 2 The the caster can grant the fiery blast an illusionary effect such as placing a shadow of a cobra or the like into the blast. At level 3 The Sith the fiery blast no longer is a line of sight bolt. The fire is bellowed out of the casters month and the cast may animate the fiery cobra,for example, to chase the intended target so long as the cast can see the target. As Sith Lord level the target need only to have been in the Sith Lords sight prior to the casting of the spell as the Cobras in this case will follow the target as if locked on with a targeting lock from a TIE Fighter targeting computer. So long as the Sith Lord remains in the general region of the target. This spell is both devastating to the target and demoralizing to it.


The Black Gaze: When cast bolts of pure dark magic leap from the necromancer's eyes. Where the beams touch the victim's flesh his skin blackens and withers, sloughing away until gleam of bone is visible beneath! The power has a rang of about 35 meters. It is usually fatal it will usually kill anyone weaker than the caster (of lower rank), the more powerful the victim is the more likely he is to survive, but anyone surviving this spell will be disabled by intense pain for a long period of time (it's even more painful than being struck by force lighting).


Sith Abyssal Fire Spell: This is the most divesting attack devised by the Sith yet. What the Sith Lord is actually calling into existence is a ball of Kinetic energy. The fire is a by product of the chain reaction of the balls existing in a physical state. This ball of energy is so devastating is was once seen that a Sith Lord destroyed a Corvette class starship with one. The danger of this spell is if the caster is not careful it can go as far as to split atoms and cause a nuclear reaction that could destroy far more than just the intended target.





Spectromancy -



Blinding the Minds Eye: With this power the Sith Adept becomes invisible to other force wielders as if he were wearing a Sith Mask.(See Sith Talismans). The Adept is undetectable as the source of any Force related event.


Eye of Edor: This spell was originally invented by a Dark Lord Edor Loskol to spy on his enemies and rivals. What it does is that it gathers dark energy from the user's surroundings and compacts into one small area in space. After that, the small ball of darkness is battered with astronomical amounts of the Force flowing through it. This creates a living shadow. That shadow is completely bound to the will of the caster by the spell's words. The Sith sorcerer can use the shadow as an extension of his own body, being able to have an extra eye, an extra ear, and an extra hand. It may be used to spy, steal, or listen to others conversations. Such a shadow is completely undetectable by all the Sith. Only the most powerful of them can feel some fluctuations in the Force, but the others won't feel anything.


Mask of Mirrors: This spell will cloak the Dark Jedi, and make the eye shift away, and although he is not invisible, he is difficult to see under bright light, and nearly impossible under dim.


Cloak Object: With this spell, a Sith Sorcerer can cause the targeted object to disappear from sight completely. The target is submitted to Sith magic which makes it reflect light in such a way that it is virtually invisible. However, the cloaked object can be found if someone simply stumbles on it, since it only disappears visually, not physically. The spell is not permanent and the amount of time that it will remain cloaked depends on the power the caster put in the spell.


Hand of Darkness: The purpose of this spell is to cloak light sources, quickly and with great precision. When cast, the radiance caused by all light sources (even force lights) within 30 feet of the caster simply "goes out". The sources themselves are not extinguished (with the exception of Force Lights which is canceled), but simply give off no light.




Spirit: Divination, Summoning, Necromancy & Translocation.







Dark Prophet: At this level of this spell group the Sith Master can Glimpse the secrets of another individual, the dark secrets that we all have and hide. These become apparent to the Sith master.


Psychic Parallel: Using this spell, a Sith Sorcerer can alter reality in his target's mind. He creates a separate world, parallel to the real one. So, his target can be mislead for a long, long time. Even forever, sometimes, if some lucky psychiatrist doesn't discover it. However, if the target is hurt in the real world,he will be most likely hurt in the dream world and vice versa. A person under this effect can be easily detected, however, because of the absent minded look, muteness, and sleepwalker-style of walking. For example, a guy dreams that he is in the hospital, while in reality, he is lying on the floor.


Augment Holocron: It is known that the Sith Holocron can not teach one who wishes to learn the true wisdom of the Darkness about that which was a long time ago. It is known that the first jedi appeared about the same time the hyperdrive was constructed. But only the Nightsisters can contact the forces that were before the jedi-the shadows, but even they can not see or hear a shadow. But with this spell, the caster shall learn more from one shadow through the Holocron than he has ever learned from most of the people in his life. One shadow houses more than two million years of experience and intelligence. And the most important thing, one will be able to SEE a shadow. It's been said that the shadows are beyond a human's comprehension. But the Holocron can prove otherwise. I suggest this spell be taught only to the trusted ones of the Sith.




Necromancy - Necromancy is a magical art that deals with, not spirits as is the popular belief, but with the life force in other beings either living or dead.



Embalm: An embalm spell enables the caster to protect a corpse (or a harvested part thereof) against the natural forces of decay and dissolution, until some later when it is needed for a spell. If the corpse is later animated, the greater strength and resiliency imparted by the spell to the dead tissue, will increase the strength and endurance of the undead. A corpse thus preserved, permanently retains the same odor and appearance it had at the time of casting. It does not reverse the effect of putrefaction.


Animate Dead Animals: This is one of the first spells most students of true Necromancy learns. Although the Sith Necromancy version is even less powerful it can be quite useful. This spell creates undead skeletons and zombies from the bones and bodies of dead animals, specifically vertebrates (fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals). The animated remains obey simple verbal commands given by the caster, regardless of the language employed. Only naturally occurring animals of no higher than semi-intelligence can be animated with this spell, it last until the animals are destroyed in combat.


Bone Dance: This spell temporarily animates the physical remains of a humanoid being, it is currently the most powerful spell of animation known to the practitioners of true Necromancy. The Bone Dance creates a link between the corpse and the caster, allowing him to mentally control its movements. The skeleton or zombie animated by this spell is incapable of carrying out any independent actions, the caster must mentally command the undead to walk forward, pick up a vibroblade, strike an opponent with it etc.. The spell occupies the greater part of the casters attention, if concentration is broken the spell will end.


Sense the Sin: This power allows the caster to see into the soul of his victim, to ferret out his/hers greatest weakness. This could be anything from a low Intelligence, or weak will to a derangement or just about anything else. This power is very useful in attempting to turn lightside Jedi's, or during interrogations.


Blight: This Sith Necromancy spell allows the caster to cause rapid egging in an opponent. The victim begins to suffer the effects of old age: Skin becomes pallid and thin, bones become brittle, and the victim may even begin to experience advanced effects of arthritis or other ailments of the elderly. The spell is not powerful enough to cause death directly, but a victim could die from a heart attack if undertaking strenuous activity etc.. This spell requires the caster to touch his victim to be cast successfully.


Lord of the Dead: This spell enables the caster to command all undead within sight. This spell only affects undead raised by Necromancers of lower level than the caster, the undead raised without the use of true necromancy, or those created by the caster himself. The undead under influence of this spell will only obey the caster's verbal commands, unless he knows of other ways to communicate with them. Note that it is usually not necessary to employ this spell to control the undead of ones own creation.


Soul Shatter: This spell is used by a Dark Lord to shatter the soul of another being. The soul cannot be destroyed, but with this spell the soul can be shattered into so many pieces that in can no longer function as a single entity.


Soul combination: This spell belongs to the category of "Life drainers". It even has similar purpose. When cast, the spell will take the soul out of one human being and fuse it with that of another. The side effect is that when the "soul fusion" occurs the caster will then employ some of the personality traits, physical traits ,habits, or likes and dislikes. The exact purpose of the spell is like that of many is unknown, but it is hypothesized that it prolongs life.




Translocation -



Mental Translocation: This is a form of teleportation that allows the user to have an "out-of-body" experience in which they see in a tunnel vision. They move anywhere and see anything, no barriers stop them, and cannot be sensed.


Corporal Translocation: This is the form of teleportation that lets the user translocate matter, I.E. themselves to another part of the galaxy. The use must have knowledge of their desired destination or they could be lost in a form of hyperspace for ever.


Astral Translocation: The final form of teleportation. This makes the users tangible body go limp, while the life essence of a user moves through the astral plain to view things he cannot see. Unlike mental translocation, in the astral plain, a user can interact with others who use this power. This is a good way to fight duels where one side is notorious for pulling a saber, blaster, or other non force attack. If the material body is destroyed, the user is.








Adding more force powers would certainly breath much more life in the combat system.


Honestly, force powers like removing the air from around a oppenent, and so many other ones put to shame any spell Neverwinder Nights could have.

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Even DnD mages -- even the most unrealistically powerful of them -- can't create nuclear explosions and collapse stars. Gah, it seems as though some would increase the power of the force so as to compete with the technological marvels of star wars. What a stupid idea.

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I don't care much for more Force Powers; what I'd like to see were more opportunities to use them, wheter in combat or outside of it. And specifically, i'd prefer the removal of situations where i'm told i can't use my force powers to logically bypass obstacles, like being unable to jump over gaps because i have to solve another puzzle. This is bad design. Instead of telling the player he has an ability but he can't use it, create instead a situation where the player can choose to use the ability or not.

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^^Agree with RP.


If I had to choose between more powers and more uses for existing powers.. I'd rather get more bang for my buck than more bucks.


I like the extra effort you're putting into this Craftsman :p But this is one case where more might not be better :p

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I agree with RP in fact the only ability that even remotely appealed to me from that list was the ability to treat poinson. But once I put on my breath mask I'm immune so that isn't even necessary but it would come in handy for all my other party members.


what i found was that no matter how many times and how many different combinations i tried i very rarely used more than 3 of my force powers. in fact by the end of the game i would usually end up just adding random powers for the sake of spending points.

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It would be nice to be able to use your force abilities, besides force persuade, in dialog more often.

Not knowing the PnP version of the game, how would that work ?


As in, what other force powers are there in the "official" rules, that could be used in dialog ? Some kind of Empathy/Mindreading ? Translation of unknown languages ?


The only scenes I can remember from the original Star Wars movies, where other force powers are used in dialogue, is when Darth Vader uses Force Choke in a dialogue with a disappointing officer and when the Emperor uses lightning in a discussion with Luke about the benefits of the dark side :huh:

“He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice.” - Albert Einstein

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