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  1. I have a 9600 XT and never had a problem with it. Of course I use the Omega Drivers which are a lot better than ATI's. They also make Omega Drivers for nVidia cards and you'll notice a performance gain there as well.
  2. I'd like to see user defined scripts similar to SWG's macro editor. this would add so much more control over your NPCs fighting abilities.
  3. i agree games like Privateer and Freelancer invloved real smuggling. like running Cardamine[Freelancer equivalent of SW "Spice"] from one end of the galaxy back to the other all the while trying to avoid hijackers and the local authorites. that added so much to the game as there was actual risk involved with transporting cargo. I know this isn't possible with KOTOR but aside from getting the Rakatan in the Box sidequest it wasn't really worth the effort.
  4. I guess that's why most of your high end video cards come with two monitor outputs. Lots of developers use dual monitors. It makes life easier. Oh and FYI I use two 21" monitors and have my desktop res set at 3200 X 1200 let's see you get that with a single monitor. For that matter let's see you get that on your precious XBox with a Television :D
  5. One of the most annoying things not just in this game but in a lot of games is when you're playing and your mouse wanders over to your second monitor causing the game to minimize right in the middle of a crucial battle. Aside from the "NOOOOOooooOOOOo" factor, with some video cards this can cause artifacts which means you've got to shutdown the game and restart it to get rid of them. This especially becomes problematic if you use a program like tweak ui and have xmouse activated. Sometimes I like to look at my performance monitor while I play. Well when I move my mouse to the far right it leaves the game window and the second it touches the performance monitor xmouse activates it and my game minimizes. GRRRRRRR. Even better is when I right click while turning right and it causes the desktop properties menu to open and again the game minimizes. There's a lot of games where this isn't a problem. For example Jedi Knight, SWG, Tron 2.0, SOF2. Once the game opens it doesn't matter how far you move your mouse it never leaves the game window. Something to consider.
  6. Jedi Academy was nothing more than an expansion pack that LA marketed as a whole new game. I'm just glad I only paid $10 for it.
  7. don't hold your breath. people complained about this after the last game was released and nothing happened. bottom line people will still buy the game regardless of wether or not they release editing tools and lucas arts knows this. Think of it this way, how many people bought UT2004 solely because of the editor? naturally you might have a small percentage but for the majority they bought the game for the game. another thing, editors work great on MP games simply because a large mod community ensures that fresh content like new maps will keep the game alive and profitable for a much longer period. for a SP only game like KOTOR a company can make more by releasing an expansion pack (not likely w/KOTOR2 either IMO) than providing an editor.
  8. no offense but that crap is lame. if that's what you've been spending the last 6 months or whatever on then you have a very long way to go to get it anywhere near palatable. The first screenshot could of been a screencap from when you're escaping the leviathan. kamino city is nothing more than a basic poly model which any nublet using milkshape could of put together. the Dark Force User's head "Texture" is nothing more than a skin. I did give you the benefit of the doubt up until now. Perhaps I'm wrong and you've got a whole catalouge of screenies that would actually make want to play this but as of right now I think you may have been better off posting some concept art instead. I normally don't rip into people that do mods simply because I respect the effort but after all this big talk about how grand this mod was going to be I can see that it's nothing more than just that. If you really want to see a mod that people put a lot of effort and time into check out the Freelancer The Next Generation mod over at starfyre studios. Even if you don't like any of it you still have to respect the amount of work they've put into making that mod what it is today.
  9. If it were possible to pull off given the restraints of the game you should have the option of either killing or incapacitating your opponent. For example in the duel ring on taris with the exception of Brendak you didn't actually kill anyone. You just brought their health down to a point where they were no longer able to fight. This would make a much more believable Light side jedi IMO. Either way I hope that they give attention to both sides as spending too much time on one will dtract from the other.
  10. If you want you can try SWG for free for two weeks at fileplanet: http://www.fileplanet.com/files/140000/140938.shtml Obviously this is an attempt to generate more sales for SWG and frankly after playing it I can see why. The character graphics are lacking. The gameplay is tedious. I still haven't figured out if you can or how to remap my keys. Combat is combersome. etc... etc... On topic the Assassination missions ruled. I hope we get a lot more of them.
  11. The first one was way too easy even on difficult. My only real challenge was facing Brendak as a level 2 scout. I feel that the most difficult setting should have you reaching for the quickload button at least a couple of times.
  12. Would add to the immersion but doubt it'll happen. besides First Person Lightsaber battles are lame. Play Jedi Knight plus it'd be too hard to pull off with the current engine. Been asking for this for a long time. Running through the streets with Vibroblades and blasters looks ridiculous
  13. Thrustmaster makes some pretty good controllers that you can map to keyboard commands.
  14. Interesting read Maria and I agree with a lot of what you had to say. Oddly enough there were a few quests which begged to have a multiple solutions. For example the tomb on Korriban with the Attack Droid. That was a perfect stealth mission. I loaded up on the stealth points, went in all alone (literally) and made my way all the way to the final door completely undetected. But for some reason it wouldn't let me in. So I had to go all the way back down the hall destroying every droid in my path. Afterwards the main droid thanks me for being quiet???? I guess his super sensors didn't pick up the noise of droids exploding when I hit them with Destroy Droid, Force Wave and Master Flurry. It would of been so much better, not to mention made a lot more sense, if you had been able to enter the second chamber completely undetected, repaired the rogue droid and left without raising a single alarm. This should be the solution that gets you the maximum amount of XP. If you failed to repair the droid then all hell would break loose and you'd have to fight your way out.
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