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Wich one do you Prefer ?

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After beating the Game with Anjalia, i decided to give it another Shot with an Alt.


Then i got the Idea to ask the Community wich one of the 4 Characters they Prefer and asking them why?


So, what Character do u love to Play and why do you choose him / her ?




Btw. i didnt saw much Movies from Reinhart. Mostly Katarina but i think she

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I won't know until I've given a good shot with each character, I think you need to use one a while and get into the different way they fight. Beaten Katarina and just started with Anjali.


Katarina is quite fun, though arguably she's the most roll-prone of them all. Pumping up agility I was getting +1200 critical hits near the end-game. The way I built her up is to focus a lot more on rifle skills, building up Power then using empowered abilities - nothing like hitting multiple enemies for +1k damage with stagger and lifesteal. She dies quite fast if trapped in melee though.

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Plus one for Reinhart and his entropic magic. He requires some forethough in positioning which make him kinda distinct from the others. Geometry of annihilation is my favourite skill, specially upgraded to give agility. And Katarina is a good companion for him I think, providing the single target dps and distractions to set up the circles.

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I always go with melee characters in games like this so Lucas was an obvious choice. I was surprised that Anjani has better stats for a melee character though in particular hitpoints and armour.


I too enjoy using the shield pummel. I think the two-handed weapon stance is a bit too slow for my liking but am using it at the mo because I've got all the one-handed weapon stance abilites empowered and I want all of them empowered. Takes ages to get an ability empowered though doesn't it?

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