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Beat Alpha Protocol (spoilers)

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Finally got + beat this game. It was pretty good. I didn't kill any members of the Arabic terrorist group (don't remember their name) except for the one guy you have to kill with the golden gun. Murdered a bunch of the Russian gangsters though because **** those ****heads ruining what was once a major part of the greatest country in the history of the world. Sexed up ("romanced" would be inaccurate) all the women, except Sis (this is BULL****! *flips table*). Too bad I didn't find all the dossier data, like apparently the first girl I sexed (Madison?) was that analyst's daughter. Didn't manage to kill Marburg (WHAT A LOAD OF BULL****), but I did get Westridge, Leland and Brayko (I can't abide a misogynistic ****wit). I shot Darcy with tranqs but I think he's dead anyway T_T. Sorry bro, you only did what you thought was right.


I liked getting that Taiwanese independence wanker killed. How's that feel, bitch? Trying to destabilize the region in pursuit of your bull**** liberal nonsense? Have a bullet for free, courtesy of the PRC! Taiwan isn't a real country, and it never will be!

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And where's our in depth critique of AP as a deconstruction of global capitalism and its inevitable failure?
Compare and contrast Lenin's discussion of imperialism as inevitably devouring itself as its constituent states (i.e. "the Great Powers") expand into each others territory with Halbech's attempt to expand its economic influence by starting a second cold war. Halbech's behavior, within the overall structure of capitalism, is inevitable. Halbech, alongside countless other similar corporations, has opportunity, means, resources and motivation to engage in an expansion of its enterprise at the expense of the public.


Alpha Protocol portrays, in admittedly romanticized and exaggerated terms, the general extent of modern imperialism. Because it shares many collective interests with its former "enemies" (i.e. competing states that in the 1800s version of politics would have been rival powers, such as China and Russia), the United States instead creates false enemies and endlessly attempts to dominate the world against the world's working poor. This allow capital (especially the military-industrial complex) to expand and obtain greater and greater profits, despite the human cost involved. Imperialism's expansion is no longer physical, but instead largely political, with both the US's attempts to dominate other states (e.g. the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the attempted revolutions in Belarus and Iran, and the ongoing blockade of Cuba) and its attempts to convince its own public that other states need dominating and defending against (e.g. mainstream media propagated anti-Chavez, anti-Egyptian protesters, anti-Lukashenko, anti-Ahmadenijad, etc. lies, the propaganda blitz of the lead-up to the Iraq War, and the general "yellow scare" that has emerged regarding China's emergent economy).


Obviously the portrayal is not completely ideologically correct (Scarlet Lake is a hero of revolutionary violence, not an assassin!), but it is a fair approximation.

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