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RANDOM VIDEO GAME NEWS THREAD!, just a dumping ground

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Well, well, they sure have been shopping left and right.


For the period before they announced DSIII I actually was kind of expecting ZeniMax to buy Obsidian too.

Then again, Arkane have a lot of affinity with Bethesda, so I guess that it's a good match.


It'll come.



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Explain "default stuff". Mass Effect 2 looked great and ran smooth.


After it had been extensively retooled by Bio... ME1 is more of an actual UE game...


Source might be sharpening their crossplatform support, now that Gabe swallowed the humble PS3 pie...

You're a cheery wee bugger, Nep. Have I ever said that?


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Still, I'd say it's a bit excessive to say that UE3 sucks.

It's not as good as its widespread use seems to hint (from a purely visual standpoint, I don't know if it's easier to work with it than with other engines), but it still looks pretty good.

By no means does it look bad, I'm just irked by the distinctive look in every other game. That's why more licensable engines is a nice thing.


I wonder how long will Source 2, they can't keep patching it forever...

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