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Australian EB Games Pre-Order/CE info. please

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There is still no information on Australian pre-order bonuses and CE. Considering I pre-ordered my CE for AP last month I would really like to know what I've blindly thrown my money down on. Surely its not too much to ask...

EA/Bioware is there a difference?

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So I guess I cancel my pre-order then?


And why would you do that? Pre-order bonuses are an extra, not a requirement.


As for the CE, EB doesn't even have a listing for it, I don't think we are getting one.


More like these things will come together at the last moment. I'll preorder it, probably - in late May - early June. :sorcerer:

You're a cheery wee bugger, Nep. Have I ever said that?


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If you want to know what's in a preorder you should ask (1) the publisher or (2) the retailer, ie Sega or better, EBgames themselves. There will be different bonuses in different places and what they will be is at the behest of the retailer or publisher, not the developer.


I don't live in the West Island but I'd suspect it would be similar to what we are getting (Stealth pack and a guidebook, apparently)- though that isn't either EB nor CE- but then I too haven't seen a CE actually listed anywhere.

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