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Ask Obsidian Entertainment questions about Alpha Protocol

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You might want to correct the article's title.

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Here are the question I asked :


Many questions. First, on what was changed during production :


--- I heard that the game has changed quite a lot in the middle of development, could you tell us how it was changed? Change in tone, change in gameplay, change in story?

--- What happened to the Infiltration skill line? Sounds quite similar to Stealth, what was it intended to do that differentiated it from Stealth? You know, before being scrapped?


Second, on the game itself, both gameplay and story :


--- How does the weapons' stats affect the game? Damage, accuracy and ammunition are pretty much self-explanatory, but how does stability and recoil affect the outcome of the shooting?

--- Again with the weapon, it's obvious the different stats don't affect them in the same manner. Could you give us details about this? For example, I noticed in the latest bits from the game I saw that the targeting circle for the shotgun didn't move at all, while it went big then small for the pistols... why?

--- About the same question for armor, especially about Endurance and Inventory Space!

--- Will all the characters be linked to a certain city, or are there some characters that the player can meet in different cities?

--- Are we going to to get new info on Albatross and Sis in the soon-to-come PR about the game? Or better, can you tell us more about them right now? Their motivations, methods, and skills, for example?

--- Who is the fourth "romance option"? Mina is a given, the same for Scarlet and Sie. Sis was confirmed not to be an option, for obvious reasons, so what's the name of the fourth lady, and will we get to learn more about her in the near future?

--- Are we going to get new informations on the story and characters in the near future? If yes, which ones?

--- Any hint on what the final location of the game will be?


And finally, not related at all to Alpha Protocol : any hint about that secret project that Feargus admittedly found time to worki on?


What do you think?

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Here are my questions:


- During playtests, have you found that players tend to favor any particular route or personality type (e.g. people generally prefer to be professional or use stealth)? If so, what?

- I have heard that the game was basically finished prior to the latest delay. How finished is "basically finished"?

- I have heard there is an "orphans created" statistic at the end-mission readout. Will this statistic be tracked constantly throughout the game, so we can see how many orphans we have created on a particular playthrough?

- I have heard that Alpha Protocol takes place in the near future. Has anything significant happened in the time between now and Alpha Protocol?

- What design concerns lead to switching from infinite ammo to finite ammo?

- Are there weapons other than those for which the character has skills (i.e. Pistol, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, SMGs)?

- Why does the protagonist, Michael Thorton, duel wield his SMGs, and then doesn't even use the sights? Do you not realize how ridiculous this looks?

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How exactly do you wield your smg's again?
Thorton wields his SMGs like he is riding a motorcycle, and the SMGs are his handlebars.


If you're asking how I do it, I use both hands to get a firm grip, line up the sights with my vision, and make sure to keep my arms slightly relaxed (rather than straight out). If I was using two SMGs at the same time (because my brain had left my skull), I would still hold them right-side up.

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Somewhat related: I thought M.E 2 relied much too heavily on the cover system. In fact I even suspect they don't even calculate a player's hitpoints or shielding rating, it is just timed based: you have like 2.34 seconds to survive out of cover or you die.


I hope AP isn't like that. Be nice if the shooting system was somewhat sorta semi-kinda realistic where bullets don't hit you 100% of the time no matter what, and you can sort of run and gun at parts.

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