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Steam Early Holiday Sale


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Just picked up Mirror's Edge and Evil Genius, am debating on whether to pick up Dark Athena too. It's a shame today is the last day, was begining to get use to checking Steam for a good sale every day.


I got Dark Athena when it was 5 bucks on Direct2drive. If you haven't played Escape from Butcher Bay, I would say get it. The Dark Athena add on is not that long and pretty forgettable. Unless you really like Butcher Bay.

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These sales are great. Consoles make sure that game tech can't move forward untill next generation. All game released untill then are more or less equal how powerful computer you need. It also means that it's better to wait these great deals then to buy game right away (unless of course you really want some game like I did with Dragon Age... stupid me, as it was just 3 weeks later 25% off on Steam).

Let's play Alpha Protocol

My misadventures on youtube.

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