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BG2 uninstall problem

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I tried to uninstall BG2 / ToB from my PC. ToB uninstalled fine, but it didn't automatically roll on to uninstall BG2: SOA.


Now when I try to do so I get the following message:


Error extracting support files:


Error loading type library / DLL


What I am trying to do is completely remove BG2 to do a fresh, clean install with a load of new mods. Am installing from the old 4-disc set as opposed to the one disc DVD (I've got it somewhere I think).


Any help greatly appreciated, many thanks in advance.




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Or, you could just completely erase any mention of BG2 from your registry using the registry editor (regedit) and delete the BG folder (remember to save the files you wish to keep!). Should work fine.

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