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Who should make it

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Lucasarts, Activision & Atari are not game developers, they're publishers. :lol:


For instance, both KOTOR 1 & 2 were published by LucasArts, but developed by respectively BioWare & Obsidian Entertainment.


Anyway, I'll vote for Obsidian.

The ending of the words is ALMSIVI.

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Shigeru Miyamoto. Because he's god.

NIS. Level 9999 FTW.

CliffyBCliff Blezinski (I definitely butchered the spelling)... seriously, Jedi/Sith can do roids too, right?

BioWare/Obsidian (no preference)



Those second 2 were jokes, btw... though a NIS-flavored KOTOR would be awesome...

In 7th grade, I teach the students how Chuck Norris took down the Roman Empire, so it is good that you are starting early on this curriculum.



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I'd actually prefer it to be Obsidian to make it because BioWare wants to make K3 a dumb MMO, I'm an independent person and I hate playing online with a bunch of bastards. For example, I played Star Wars: Galaxies, and once I was playing as a really monster like human, tall and tough, and then one day in the cantina, I ran into a bunch of short tubby little fellow online players, next I knew they were jumping around me and saying "**** YOU!!" and swinging their little battle axes at me acting like a bunch of pricks who were raised by a pack of wolves, it might be a lot better if I just yell every cuss word I know right behind their little wretched asses and burn there head with a blow toy. That is the major reason why I gave up on MMO and multiplayer and online play, because there's always some bastards out there looking for some trouble. Honestly, It would be +1 fallen BioWare lover into a BioWare hater K3 if comes out and find out it's a MMO.


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