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Lightsaber colour question

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I just finished my first playthrough of KOtor 2 and I loved it. However, I only found a few lightsaber colour crystals throughout my playthrough.


I found LOTS of violet

2 yellow

1 orange

1 red

1 cyan (although it was on Malachor V when I found it, so it was never put to use)


Is that normal? I was peeved off that I never got the chance to get a blue one or something? Did I just miss loot? I did most of the side quests.


Where are they found?


Thanks if you answer this :thumbsup:

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I'm on xbox :thumbsup:


In that case, the best way to assure that you get a certain color is to save just before you talk to the obnoxious salvager with stuff to sell for the first time. If she doesn't have the color you want, just reload and try again. :p

Anybody here catch that? All I understood was 'very'.

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There is another fix one in nar shada, with that rodian merchant. When completed the missions (I don't remember if one or both), i always find a silver crystal, and (I don't remember well) a viridian crystal.

If they lie to me once, they're to blame. If they lie to me twice, it is me to blame. If they lie to me a third time, I'm stupid enough to be lied a fourth time.

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