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  1. Yet, you have all this with free MMO's... And you will have it with the next expansion.... But let's not get started on this because it is neverending story But no, that's not it. It is as simply as this: if I want to play with someone, i'll get out with my friends. A game is singleplayer (or coop, if you push me), not gathering with some random.... If I paly a game, it is I who has to complete it, not force me to chat with someone else hoping to find someone willing to party to become even possibly to success in next mission.
  2. lol Hopefully when it is released it will be practically bugfree. Here's where the delay comes from...
  3. Yeah, it's called curiosity for the prophans, and it comes when you like a specific fantasy universe (SW in this case) and want to find out more through novels, games and material related to it and expanding it. usually comes with discussions of philosophy, politics, ect on said 'verse. I think pretty much everyone suffers it in major or minor degree...
  4. hope is last thing to be lost, that we say in catalan... So, unless someone officially confirms there will be no KOTOR 3 nomatterwhat, let's keep it alive...
  5. Um... It could be, since i've never replayed a 1.0 K2 since it's release... but I'd sware that there was a "circle of interaction" in one of the computers in that room... Also it could be what you said. Considering the dialog with T3 there... Thanks anyway
  6. Um... It could be, since i've never replayed a 1.0 K2 since it's release... but I'd sware that there was a "circle of interaction" in one of the computers in that room... Also it could be what you said. Considering the dialog with T3 there... Thanks anyway
  7. Well, all we know about is of a MMO in the KOTOR 'verse, not K3. That is held with maximum secrecy? Possible. That a MMO CAN be K3? Unlikely but plausible. That is in development? Possible. Hell, it is even possible that K3 is even packed for release next christmas for all that we know. I guess we'll just have to wait and see (how strange, huh? ) how Force unleashed works out and how the MMO works out and wait some more for official confirmation that K3 is indeed in development and will bring closure (an actual end) to the saga. Let's hope for it, at least.
  8. So... I've been wandering. I remember on my first playthrough that on the same room where T3 is held in the Taris Academy there was an accessible computer were you had to make something. With the subsequent patches it was eliminated. What was it's purpose? Did it have something to do with the locked navigation computer removed quest?
  9. Well, no one said K3 was being made by Bio. The confirmation must come either from Lucas Arts and/or the developer in question. Be it Obsidian, Bioware or whomever is making it. The direction you gave it is only for projects regarding to Bio AND LA. If K3 is made by, let's say, Demiurge Studios, it won't appear on that direction but on LA's page or on Demiurge's page. If it is made by Bio, then yes it will appear on that page.
  10. In a way this is what K2 tries to make. I see K2 as a study of the Force through the eyes of someone that has been ripped off it and gradually re-aquires the affinity with it. Partially, I believe this is one of the reasons (or the main one) because K2 was so criticized: introducing a bit of philosophy in the SW 'verse, looking it a bit more deeply than usually.
  11. Absolutely! I can see jealous backstabbing when Revan, Exile, Atton and Bastila gather... Seriously though, if a four member party was implemented would be easier to choose your companions. I always missed someone else to complete the party in both games: in K1 I usually carried Canderous and HK or Juhani and Jolee, and I missed either Jolee or T3 (for the first group) and Canderous or HK for the second goup; in K2 I carried either Kreia and Mira or Kreia and Mandalore. Occasionally Brianna or Visas. With four characters I could have my most used chars in the same party... But it has t
  12. There are sylver crystals that are in the practice white, and I recall reading somewhere of a black lightsaber that didn't make it to the programming. it would be cool though... <Insert Name>: "I am the one who brings the black death... kneel before me!"
  13. Exactly: thae main plot left AFTER the frozen Throne. Wow doesn't add per se new factions or world places. It is all a continuation of WC3. You don't introduce a new threat in WoW: it is just the continuation of the conflict on the perspective of a "foot soldier" instead of the one leading the armies, that would be WC4. As always, it depends on how it is handled. But WC4 can perfectly be settled in the defeat of Arthas. You being the one leading the armies of the Alliance or the horde. You just cannot have this sort of closure in a MMO. WC is not about the fighting itself (like WoW),
  14. Heh... Post-traumatic stress of the events of manaan? Didn't know that huge firazan shark was called Sovereign.... And this engages with the theory of Trask being sucked by a wormhole and left in the Citadel...
  15. From what i've heard warcraft IV may come along. Or at least blizzard has said that IF the team wants to make it, they can make it. But my point stays valid. WoW is not Warcraft IV.
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