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Startet playing Age of Conan (My First MMO!)


Server: Ymir (European), But I'm probably changing to a RP server.

Class: Ranger

Guild: None yet.

Main: Krosberg

Fortune favors the bald.

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Started playing Age of Conan, I am on the Set server, character name is Rodderick, I don't really expect it to last for very long honestly, the game looks pretty but the mechanics of it are just asking for it to fall apart in a couple months.

Using a gamepad to control an FPS is like trying to fight evil through maple syrup.

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WoW again...


Echo Isle


Various characters, all played solo which means I'll reach 70s in blues and greens and will be fortunate if I ever see purple. I hate PVP so no welfare epics for me (I'd rather earn them in instances anyway).


The game is a love/hate thing because I hate having to group for anything after decades of solo action, and the drop rates on common beast parts like boar snouts is laughable; killed 30+ murlocs tonight and apparently all but 8 were finless. At 70 I can solo most 5-man instances up to level 60, as long as they aren't like Uldaman in requiring multiple players to interact with certain objects. I play hunters predominantly (dwarf/gun, night elf/bow, and draenai xbow at the moment) because they are good for soloing, but I'm also learning to enjoy paladins for soloing and buffing random players.

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