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Just a small question...

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Did Darth Vader become a wound in the Force after Alderaan was destroyed?







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No, as far as can be told from all sources it had no effect on him at all.


In the exiles case I think they became a wound not just because they were there when Malacore was destroyed, but also because there were so many Jedi killed at the same time. Since there were no Jedi on either the Death Star or Alderaan*, let alone any that were killed, it would have had little if any effect on him. Part of the reason the Exile was affected was because A; The Exile had the ability to create bonds with people around him/her, this bond was stronger with others who were strong in the force-ie Jedi. B; It could safely be assumed that the Exile would have known most, if not all, of the Jedi Killed personally to some degree. Therefore the Exile would have been much more sensitive to them dying than the average Jedi would have been, it would have been rather like loosing almost your entire family in one go.


Since none of this applies to Vader-no ability to create force bonds, and no one on the planet he would have known or cared about-he would not have become a wound in the force.


(*Before someone comments there was, aparently, at least one Jedi Knight on Alderann when the planet was destroyed but this wouldn't really make any difference in this case.)

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It is true that Vader has NO KNOWN force bonding ability. Regardless if there was someone down there he had care about, It doesn't really matter to him anymore for he is a Sith Lord. And we all know how ruthless the Sith are.



So it won't have matter to Vader anyways about Aldaaran.





Yes its destruction cause a wound in the force where it remains but that is all.

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A wound in the Force, while needing a catalyst, must have a specific catalyst and not merely the destruction of a planet.


The Exile physically and mentally removed herself from the Force, and in junction with the dissolution of many, many extremely powerful "Force bonds" of the Exile, thus created the "wound".


Vader had no Force bonds to a large amount of force senstives on Alderaan, in fact thanks to Vader and the Empire, there werent enough Force sensitives in the known Galaxy to create such bonds. As far as we know the closest bonds Vader could have formed were to those Emperor's Hand and similar subjects and there were not nearly enough of them, much less who were on Alderaan to create a "wound".


Not to mention the fact that Vader would never have cut himself off from the Force, which is a main ingredient the creating a "wound"

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