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I found these videos on youtube, I dont know if anyone has seen them or whatever but they are walkthroughs of glitches in KOTOR 2. The link provided below leads to the first video and the other videos can be found Via the Video Response section. NOTE: These glitches were done on XBOX i believe they work on computer but I am not certain. Enjoy =)


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I found an XP glitch that I have not heard anyone refer to yet. Without using cheats, you can get endless XP anywhere in the game. It comes from the fact that you get XP for recovering mines. You don't get XP for recovering your own mines, but you will if you put down mines right next to a door and then walk thru it and then come back. You can lay down 12 mines, then recover them for XP. You can then lay those mines right back down again and repeat the process. You can use any party member for this. The harder the mine, the more XP. You can do this at any door. The harder mines will give you about 400XP per mine. If Kreia is in your party, you will get added XP too.

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Ya I made those vids on youtube ... here are all the links to them in somewhat suggested order. What they focus on is making your character, npc team and weapons more powerful. I still suggest to play the game through without glitching once to get a feel for it and to have some kind of challenge, then when you have a feel for the game, plow through it with the mighty powers you can get from the following. ALWAYS SAVE YOUR GAME before trying any of these glitches!!!


skills glitch (give your main character lots of skills and even a high level force power early in the game on Peragus, can be done as soon as you get kreia in your party)


duplicate handmaiden robes (get 99 robes from 10,

can be done before or after handmaiden is a jedi



duplcate items with handmaiden - guns, rifiles, armor, and all the upgrades that can go in them as well as implants, stuff worn on head, shields and arm bands

can only be done before handmaiden is a jedi and you can still spar with her



infinite light side or dark side points on dantoine.

one correction, if you do not recruit the mechanic tarin to the militia and you go for the light side ending, saving the administrator, then tarin is still there and you can still do this after saving dantoine



dulpicate lightsabers ... nuff said!


super lightsabers! after duplicating, put lots of the same crystal into one saber! stacks for damage related things, not for attribute (ie. wisom) related things


infinite experience in the korriban tomb .. well known but i give hints like 2 hssiss are more dangerous than 20 casue with 20 you can do death field and regain lots of health etc. other strategies


Basically i saw lots of these on gamefaqs and thought, boy, some of what they list here works and some dosent. So, what made sense to me, is to make videos of what does work, and show through a vid how to do it. Im suprised they didnt just do that in the first place, vids are natural learning tools for something so visual as an rpg game like KOTOR 2.


Anyways let me know if you have any comments or suggestions etc. The one with the mines, that's pretty self explanitory there, good idea.

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Mandalore the Jedi!


Yes, I made another one, giving Mandalore force powers and the ability to wield a lightsaber


btw has anyone been able to succesfully give a droid force powers that they can use? I can do what is done with mandalore there on T3 but he does not gain any force points and you cannot select any force powers, neither hill or stun droid or anything like that. even with all wearable items removed it dosent work for droids ... if u know how to make it work please reply

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Wow! Mandalore with force powers! Never seen that b4.


ya. and a clarification, whichever jedi you choose to make mandalore a jedi (must be atton, bao dur, or handmaiden/disciple at jedi level 0) after you do the false level up glitch one time on mandalore near a container, do NOT level up your level zero jedi character. only level up Mandalore to get you through to the exile. btw mandalore with a high strength and a good lightsaber, master power attacks i was seeing a couple 40 point damage swings and i think a 109 point one in there somewhere .. very nice! and do NOT give mandalore powers that are restricted by armor cause he has that armor that you cannot remove so shock and stuff like that wont work ... still it makes him quite a bit more usefil. and YES you can take the other person who was level 0 and after you leave gotos yacht ant talk to the jedi master, summon them and then level them up so they can still get their normal weild lightsaber and force sensitive stuff. nothing lost, jedi mandalore gained!


hint: take handmaiden with you on dxun/onderon and see the gamefaqs influence guide to help make her a jedi (guardian) or just do it with either atton (sentinel) or bao dur (guardian). whichever level 0 class they get to, thats the class of jedi mandalore will become if you use them as the 2nd person on gotos yacht, mandalore being the leader chosen first after T3 is done with the droid warehouse.

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