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Hmm Skeeters Junkyard.


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In ages past there was but one god of CPUs, GPUs, and MOBOs, and he was known as King Skeeter, Lord of the Junkyard. Skeeter fomented and fed on the discord among posters and mods alike. When forumites slew each other in their quest for pwnage or in their trollings, he welcomed them into his shadowy kingdom of silicon gloom. As all upgrades became obsolete, everything came to him eventually, and over time he built his power into a kingdom of e-trash unchallenged by any other vendor. Eventually, however, he grew tired of his duties for he knew them too well. Without challenge for benchmarking there is no lag, and in lagnessness there is only ownage. In such a state, the difference between absolute pwnage and being absolute pwned is undetectable.


During this dark era, there arose three powerful PC gamers - Bokishi, Metadigital, and Angshuman - who lusted after the power Skeeter wielded. The trio forged an unholy pact, agreeing that they would dare to seek such ultimate power or be banned from Obsidian in the attempt. Over the length and breadth of the foras they strode, seeking powerful water coolers and heatsinks and defying high case temperatures at every turn. No matter what first person shooter they confronted or what anti-aliasing they braved, the three gamers emerged unscathed at every turn. Eventually the trio destroyed one Bethesda title with +100 frames per second, and they each seized a portion of its screenshot via FRAPS for themselves.


The trio then journeyed into the Skeeter

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And to think this is all my fault. :cool:

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