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I have searched this forum but cannot find a fix.

I get into the Jekk Jekk Tarr tunnels chasing after the guys who starts with V and the wookie. i get to the security door and it goes to a cutscene showing various things and eventually finishing on the beginnings of a fight between the wookie and mira. The game then loads and up pops mira in front of the very same security door, locked tight. (I am on the side of the door where the poisonous tunnels are) i click on the door and it says stuff about the jedi being on the other side etc. and that to open it i need to find the terminal which is on the otherside of the door!!!

does anyone have a fix?

i have no mods running

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I checked, and it is illegal to make this type of mod for the X-Box...

If they work, that's great, but I would be inclined to write this off as a scam...

when has anything being illegal ever stopped anyone for doing it? :ermm:

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Discussion on doing something illegal is frowned upon on a gaming company's message board.

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