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TSF Bounty: Escaped Criminals

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just goto the TSF officer and Lt Gkenn will close the quest for you.


Its one of those quests that are broken and not completed.


Sometimes you will run into them again on the surface of telos but that doesnt do anything to advance or complete the quest

No, actually, if you kill them on the surface you can go back to Grenn, tell him what happened, and he'll give you the bounty for them and close the quest. It is bugged, however, in that sometimes even after seeing them bail from Lorso's office, they don't show up on Telos' surface. There is a fix for it, though, that you can download from various places (like team-gizka.org).

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all i needed to do to complete the quest was lie to Grenn about killing them after i saw them at Cerka.


I thought the problem was that they don't always spawn in the Cerka office.

Your not all ways being honest when your telling the truth.


Everything slows down when water's around.

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