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Revan was MALE

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Go to GAME INFO>CHRONICLES it refers to Jedi Master Revan as HE and Malak as HIS apprentice.

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Also there will be those whom favor Carth/Revan romance moreso than The Revan/Bastila Romance.


That would be me. :D I'm sorry I do not, repeat do not like the Bastila romance. I like Bastila but not the romance. I mean male Revan either has to act like a complete jerk or, if you don't choose the "flirt" lines, then it feels like your not romancing her at all, and then of course it feels like her "love confession" comes completely out of the blue. The Revan/Bastila romance just makes my feminist heart cringe. ;) (This is merely MY opinion so don't take offense Bastila/Revan lovers. :huh: )


I've said it before and I will continue to say it: who cares? Revan is Revan is Revan. And no amount of LucasArts (or other players for that matter) trying to shove their vision of a customizable character down people throats is going to change how others play or view said customizable character.


And IMNSHO I believe that LucasArts declaring Revan canon at all is a slap in the face to all the hard work that BioWare put into making Revan's gender ambiguous. And same goes for the Exile and Obsidian.

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Believe this was said before, but I find it hard to see Revan as being male. Female seems a bit easier for me. Anyhow, although canon is official, there can still be other concepts of Revan. Revan's identity isn't exactly set in stone and can be flexible, storywise in both KotOR games.

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Old news. Thanks for the reminder though.

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