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which power first

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use your brain :)

How can it be a no ob build. It has PROVEN effective. I dare you to show your builds and I will tear you apart in an arugment about how these builds will won them.

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I haven't played either KOTOR in forever, but Push and Speed are nice - especially speed. The rest will depend on your alignment. However, 'Stun Droid' is worth its weight in gold on Peragus , so snap that up early. I know this is a spoiler, but **** it - There isn't a single human opponent on that whole planet, so stun droid will prove incredibly useful. I think it's a LS (Light Side) power, but if you're going DS you should still be able to use it without too much of a penalty at this early stage in the game before you build up your DS points.

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Force Storm, either alignment. Tho I guess you can't get that 'first'.

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I went a lightsided gimp this time so that the whole story can be canon, and I wasted my few first force points on dodgy lightsided things such as force speed which has use later but not much on peragus, affect mind or the other one that comes up in convos, and stun droid which is probabally the most useful, damn level 4 prerequisites for heal <_<

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I have just started kotor 2 but i don't know what powers i should get first. :wacko:  :)  :o


If this is first game, maybe try defensive ones, especially energy resistance. Lightside or darkside character? If it's the first, go for powers like Force Valour and Burst of Speed (slight boon to defence). Stun droid helps against those probes that like to repair damaged mining droids on Peragus if not taken down first. And not forgetting basic power like force push, which works on most droid and non-droid enemies. DS powers that help would be Shock (works on both droids and humans) as well as Fear (only on humans).


Either way, getting force redirection helps against blaster attacks.

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