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Sam & Max: Episode 1 - Culture Shock


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After reading Eurogamer's review, my expectations have increased. Although i hate the episodic gaming idea, i'll definitely buy the first episode.






Other reviews:


# Gaming Trend - 90% and "Gold Medal" award

# Got Next - 4.5/5

# 4 Color Rebellion - 9/10

# The Next Level (unscored)

# Angry Gamer - 9/10

# Adventure Gamers - 4/5

# Wired's Game|Life blog (unscored)

# 2404.org - 8.6/10

# Four Fat Chicks - Mega Supreme (the highest score they give out!)

# Digital Entertainment News - 8.9/10

# GameSpot - 7.7/10

# IGN - 8.7 and an Editors' Choice Award

# Cosmos Gaming - 9/10

# Just Adventure - B+

# Computers N Stuff - 9/10

# Gamers With Jobs (unscored)

# Armchair Empire - 9/10

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Oooh! I remember the original game, that was awesome. Is LucasArts the publisher?

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I'm so gonna buy Bone when they finish all of the episodes. I love the comic.

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Yep: Publisher and Developer = Telltale.


It got a 73% from PCF "Ineviably anticlimactic. But there are a few smiles within".




Sadly, the decision to not offer different responses for left- and right-clicks can leave you feeling rather irrelevant. Simply left-clicking for every action is more like observing than playing. Give us the choice whether to look at something or pick it up, dammit.





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Does anyone know whether the game will be available as a separate retail package? I know it's currently a Gametap exclusive, but I'm hoping that's only for a (very) limited introductory period. I'm not particularly enamored with Gametap's extended rental system (ie: you only have access to your games so long as you maintain your gametap subscription). I'd rather buy S&M outright, be it as a boxed game or a download.


In any case, from the videos I've seen so far, the new voices will take a while to get used to, but one way or another, I can't say no to a good graphic adventure game sporting a wacky sense of humour.

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Worldwide release date is Nov 1st. Telltale Games is distributing it digitally themselves. No Gametap, no restrictions.


From Eurogamer:


"Annoyingly for anyone outside of the United States or Canada, today's release of the game via Gametap will be off-limits for the time being. However, Telltale will be releasing the game for download across the world on its own website on 1st November, so be sure to snap it up at the earliest opportunity."

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This might be something, ofcourse it's been some 12 years since i played the original though.

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Once all the episodes are out will they release a packaged version? Because then I'm so there.

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Bought it, going to try it later today

I'd love to hear how long the first episode actually is. Some people claim it's only 2-3 hours long....well in that case I'll certainly wait for the complete season then.


Btw, has anybody here played the Bone games? Are they any good?

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As you can expect from an episodic game, it's not very long. About 3-3,5 hours. I know, it seems short at first, but the game has good replay value. There are some randomly generated puzzles for example. And the game itself is very very fun to play and this alone makes the game replayable.


I'd buy the complete season. From the Telltales' site:


Buying the entire season gets you access to each episode as soon as it comes out on Telltale's site (we'll send you an email to let you know it's available). Next spring, you can get a CD version of Season 1 for the price of shipping. (You don't pay for shipping until then.) Remember, there will be six episodes in Season 1, which means buying the whole season up front will save you almost $20 over buying them individually for $8.95 a piece.

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