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Revan-Bastila romance


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I find it difficult to believe he is a gland driven organism... what kind of fictional polygons would merge to create such a weak personality? His fruityness makes me feel violent urges. :)

I think Carth and Revan is more interesting even with his angst. I don't see why being friendly to Bastilla leads to being "friendly" ie: the pressing together of fleshy teeth coverings.


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I thought that Bastila was something like 21... Heck, They both are young so what does it matter

I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that she was 19... I can't remember where I saw that, and I can't seem to find a source... But it makes sense, because after all, she is still a padawan at the time of KOTOR I.


So yeah, Revan would be easily 10 years her senior, but really, who cares... The older you get, the less age matters.


Besides, Han is something like 13 years older than Leia, and nobody ever seemed to think it was an issue. :shifty:

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I'd like to think that the romance is an important part of the story.


Given what the Jeedi did to Revan, and considering that he was THE Sith Lord and possibly from the Outer Regions, does he owe the known galaxy and the people in it anything? Why would he care?




He always intended to return, but probably more as a conqueror than a savior--he was ruthless during the Mando wars. Normally, he would probably have hated her too. But it is possible to like or even love someone while hating what they have done; and caring about someone does change people when nothing else could. (That goes for her, too; and I still think she has a part to play in the final act. That's just Revan.)

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I don't see why being friendly to Bastilla leads to being "friendly" ie: the pressing together of fleshy teeth coverings.


That's exactly what I'm saying. I'm not sure how Revan becomes romatically involved with Bastila. All the evidence points towards a Mentor-Apprentice relationship or merely a platonic friendship.



And I disagree with whoever compared it to Leia - Han. Han had expressed intrest for Leia the moment he met her. He was always trying to get her attention from the first time they met. Leia (for her part), naturally tried her best to be as abrasive as possible (but this is natural - she was testing his sincerety and trying to reveal his intentions). Lastly, Leia behaved much older than her years, her maturity attracted Han to her, just as much as her exterior beauty did.


I have no problem with the Bastila - Revan romance, I just don't agree that it is anything special. And that's mostly because it never feels anything more than a video game side quest. It just doesn't seem like a natural progression.

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