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If HK-47 met C-3PO

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HK would just blast C3PO just because he could. He does not need a reason why. :p

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How come everyone hates Jar Jar and 3PO so much. the only reason ive been told is that hes too annoying, which kinda shows short attention spans since none of them actually did activities that would envoke annoyance. Ok maybe Jar Jar, but not C-3PO.


Im not saying your wrong to hate Jar Jar or C-3PO, and that a short attention span is bad, just taking note and wondering.

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C3PO - Major pain. He gets involved in important events and is used as a sort of slapstick comic effect. Example: battle of Geonosis. You have Jedi being slaughtered, Separatist worlds finally breaking out into outright war with the Republic, the clone troopers coming into use. And any time in that wasted with the "C3PO loses his head" adventure is just a pain. Plus he's whiny, annoying, and seems to exist only to blame things on R2-D2 and show the latter to be amazing in comparison.


Jar Jar- "Meesa an idiot! Meesa gonna tag along on big important stuff and be even more of an idot! Meesa wanna be your friend, so meesa can get in the way and act stupid!" Jar Jar is worse than C3PO, by far. A complete slapstick idiot character who gets his tongue stuck in podracers. The worst bit is when Lucas actually wrote him as having a major role, such as in the Gungan army (saddest battle scene EVER) and taking Padme's place in the Senate. He freaking gives Palpantine his executive powers!! And while you could probably make a case for him being inconsequential there, that Palpantine would have gotten someone else to do it or whatever, it's still lame. A whiny, annoying, IDIOTIC gungan who was kicked out of his home for clumsiness ends up traveling with Jedi, holding a leadership position in an army, and helping give power to the evil Emperor. All without losing any of his imbecillic nature. Some places are right for slapstick humor. Star Wars isn't.


As for the short attention span idea, that's not true. All throughout the movies, whenever those characters are present, they're being annoying. One of the worst things about them is that they WON'T SHUT UP. And I don't see how observing their stupidity gives anyone short attention spans anyway; if that was the case, wouldn't we just be briefly annoyed and forget about it?

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HK47 would annihilate C3PO.


Hopefully he would start at the feet and work up!

Accompanied by "Oh My... What are you doing... Help...Help..."

And ending with HK ripping out C3PO's vocabulator and atomising it


Even if they rebuild him, at least he won't be able to speak in that

annoying voice! (w00t)


"Statement; Human Cyborg Relations, Relate to that meatbag lover"

"Weary Resignation; Pity he didn't put up much of a fight, all

vocabulator, no assassin protocols"

"Threat; You, Gungan, Stop acting like a moron, or you'll be next"


(the possibilities are endless :) )



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I think C3P0 would fall in love with HK and they would make long and painful love. True story, while R2D2 used his hook ups and camera to post it on the net 24/7

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3PO's fate would likely be like how droid was blasted by a stormtrooper back in Episode V: TESB after entering Cloud City and supposedly trailing behind Solo and Leia. After entering droid dismantling room on right side.

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