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Saber color = what?

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hmmm heres my view on sabre color meanings:


Blue - Might, Honor, Trust, Seriousness


Green - Wisdom, Truth, Harmony


Yellow - Skill, Finesse, Intellect, Caution


Red - Fury, Passion, Leadership, Desire, Energy


Purple - Stability, Mystery, Power, Authority


Orange - Stimulation, Success, Determination


Cyan - Skill, Finesse, Tranqullity


Viridian - Understanding, Protection, Justice


Silver - Balance, Supremacy, Perfection, Purity


Black - Power, Death, Mystery, Darkness, Shadow.


i dont really consider Black possible to be a lightsaber color due to the fact that black is considered to be the absence of light (thus crystals used to make lightsabres)


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From KotOR 1:

Green: Represents the Jedi Consular

Blue: Represents the Jedi Guardian

Yellow: Represents the Jedi Sentinal

Red/Purple: Used by the bad guys :rolleyes:

Cyan/Orange: Bonus colours for the PC version :D (XBox got it later)

mace isnt evil

my story is he was late to light saber making day and had to get the purple crystal.

I read that Mace has a purple crystal because instead of choosing red or green he wanted something unique so he went to some faraway and got his purple crystal

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Red just screams out power to me. When you see the stills of these games at least it looks really intimidating while the blue just looks cool to me. Not sure...


Blue seems to be more in tune with combat or acrobatics. This one is for the warriors mostly I suppose.


Green is wisdom.


Yellow is just random. I could say people like Sentinels... but you see a lot of people with yellow in Star Wars.. and there is no way that Bastila was a brain by any stretch.


Purple is a mix of light and dark I guess. To me it seemed to stand out more, and therefore was a symbol of a more refined skill.


Black um.. that isn't really possible. If you were bending light it would more likely be a "force Saber" which would be a hella cool concept, but I doubt it will be implemented. If you shine light through a black, transparent lens you get a dark purplish color if I'm not mistaken. The best they could do is probably use a REALLY dark shade of purple, and make a blackish saber. Would actually probably look cooler than the black saber you'd dream of. If this was out and about, it should be exclusive to one character or maybe two tops (the baddy and you of course)


How about the controversial pink saber? It could be tactical. You stand there giggling like a moron at your opponent while they cut you in half. Symbolized the power of fluff.

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