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  1. I voted for 1. It wasn't that great of a movie BUT it had Darth Maul, making it worthy of number 1.
  2. I think species they should put in would be like..Twi'lek, Human, Zabrak, maybe rodian, and whatever Plo Koon is.
  3. I think so...I at first thought it was a race. But than I was like duh.
  4. I'm confident in my sexuailty as well. I'm not saying pink would be cool for confusing the enemy. I just think it would be an awesome color..
  5. KOTOR 1 and 2 have so many glitches I can't even count. My cousin was plaing it here the other day and he had a glitch where he couldn't leave the Nar Shadda Docks. Everytime he tried to leave it just kept bring him back to Nar Shadda docks. If they make a 3rd I reccomend A LOT more testing.
  6. Tombstone..An awesome movie. And if you disagree you can get out.
  7. I think custimization of teh character you play on would be amazing. Not only just 10 or so faces for each gender. But many faces for each gender and even maybe an option of choosing a starwars species too.
  8. Now that there's more people in this thread. Who agrees that pink would be an awesome lightsaber color.
  9. I know, some of them didn't put up much of a fight and were just targets for the clones.
  10. Please say I'm not the only one who knows and listens to Motion City soundtrack. Listenign to Invisible Monsters: Motion City Soundtrack.
  11. We really should get back on topic...We've strayed so far.
  12. Well when I think Of Plo Koon I've regretfully decided his fait for myself, since it's our choice ot think of the endless possibilities of ways he could have lived.
  13. One thing I've been dissapointed in Xbox is the lack of good RPG's..It can't compare to the many great ones for PS2
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