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How to get a NWN 2 project off the ground


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While classic NWN was in its 5 year development hell I got into the player run Ultima Online servers. For those of you that are not familiar with it, in a nutshell, some peeps reversed engineered the communication protocols from the UO client and the UO master servers. Took that data and created a script based server. Then people, with the UO client data files could run their own UO server. It is a very similar concept to the NWN client/server setup.


Thus while waiting for NWN to be released for a year and a half I played and eventually ran my own successful UO server. When NWN finally came out I switched over and got a very popular server off the ground as well.


Now as you know I run a high traffic news and community NWN 2 site.


With NWN 2 around the corner I was reflecting upon all of this and felt it would be a good article to write about my experiences with such. What I did right, what I did wrong and hopefully for those interested in starting a NWN 2 project to pick up something and help your own project get going.


Full article:


Admin of World of Darkness Online News

News/Community site for the WoD MMORPG



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Sawyer wrote a great little treatise on this a while ago. It might be worth it to read his also. I'll take a look at yours, Rhomal. I've deliberated going in on a module, but I've been leery of it.

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