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Inquiry about Freelancer

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I need to uninstall Freelancer to make room for other games and stuff.

However I am quite far in the single-player game and I want to be able to reinstall it later and continue where I left off.


My question is, where does the default installation keep the save files?


I've looked for folders and file names in both the install directories and the My Documents folders but I can't find them.


Can anybody help me please?


Thank you and have a nice day.

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Every modern game seems to use that folder now.


Oblivion, Freelancer, Dungeon Siege, GTA: San Andreas (altough not under "my games") etc.




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Beause it isn't a modern game.

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And speaking of murder, the Galactica site is foobar right now. Maybe downloading the new mod should wait, perhaps.


edit: awww crap, 1000 posts. I officially have no life now.

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