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Is a good system...

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I wouldn't buy it. There are several things that are bugging me about that system:


- It's a bit too CPU/Motherboard-bottlenecked. Socket 754 only supports single-channel memory. That 3000+ Sempron is not really the fastest of the bunch. At least, not when you pair it with an X1800.


- I'm not too sure about the quality of the Case and PSU. 420W should be good enough, provided it comes from a reputed manufacturer like OCZ or Enermax. Linkworld... I wouldn't be too happy.


- This is a personal prejudice, but I wouldn't have a Western Digital as my primary HDD.


- That monitor has a 6-bit TN-type LCD panel. While its response times would be good, the color reproduction is horrible (as is the case with all TN displays). If you care about color richness and quality, DON'T buy a TN panel. Look for a PVA/MVA or S-IPS panel.


- That mouse sucks. I haven't tried a Liteon keyboard but I don't have high expectations.


Overall it doesn't seem to be a nicely balanced system. I'm not arguing about value-for-money. With that X1800 in it (and an All-In Wonder, no less), $1000's probably a good deal, but really that X1800 is the only thing that I like about the system.

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How much are you paying for the graphics card alone? If possible, I'd trade the graphics card for something cheaper that's a better value for money and use the extra money to get a better mobo and processor.

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Not counting the monitor or the video card the computer is under $470 counting shipping. Right now I am looking for cheap and functional. Consoles are not an option since they cannot do utility programs or surf the net, sheesh. If I was just looking for a game machine I would just get a PS 2. :luck:

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Okay, so you guys aren't going to be helpful.  Fine.  :luck:


DS will be able to surf the net in august : )


Still need a PC for the Wi Fi though since we are not in a Wi Fi area. Wonder how much those hot spot kits cost.

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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Actually I am trying to save money. My current computer is rent to own and well, its draining my coffers faster than one can spit. If I can get a full computer under the price of a single paycheck I can ditch the rent to own model, have the cheapo, which will last long enough for me to get a full quality rig.

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I would not buy that system. Quite a bit of negatives. Angshuman pointed most of 'em out.


Personally, I'd go with a socket 939 motherboard (PCI-E of course).


If you're deadset against building your own, I can recommend abspc.com to pick up a good PC for the money. I ordered a few from there afew years back. In fact, I'm still using the power supply, HDD and RAM, and DVD-R burner I got from the PC.


Otherwise, good ole' newegg.com will have you covered.

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It is a rent to own and its being a real drain money wise. Like I said the one at Best Buy is basically the same computer I have now so I am going to get that one and send the Compaq back. AMD is a better priced CPU and I have had less problems with a AMD processor than an Intel processor. I will and always shall use AMD.

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I got that PC from Newegg.




Anyway it seems that Best Buy is having a sale and I can get a comparitive system to the one I have now under $450, monitor and printer included.  I am going to try to go that route.


You shouldn't get an entire PC off of Newegg. You order parts from Newegg and assemble them. Newegg is just a distributer, what you're looking at was made somwhere else and Newegg sold it, unless Newegg is suddenly in the PC assembly business.

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I can wholeheartedly recommend the ATI Radeon X1800 GTO 256 MB, as it's somewhere around $100 below the X1800 XL and still offers about the same amount of performance (slightly less).


The CPU.. A problem is that both Intel and AMD are changing their CPU sockets right now, Intel with the upcoming Conroe and AMD with AM2. Asrock sells futureproof motherboards with exchangeable sockets (from 939 to AM2), so that would be a wise buy. Also, do NOT buy a socket 754 as that's an older technology. Instead try getting the cheapest 939 CPU you can find, it will still be faster than any Sempron.


Other than that I have no complaints. And don't listen to angshuman's concerns about the LCD screen. It's good enough to use at home, unless you're heavily into photographing, graphics or publishing. I don't understand why he's even talking about S-IPS panels for a budget computer.. You're lucky if you find a S-IPS monitor for under $1000!

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In case you're still going the Newegg route, I can give a couple of suggestions:


1. Try to get a Socket 939 mobo and CPU.


2. Get a nice, big case from a reputed manufacturer. Assembling the system will be a lot easier if you have legible English manuals. Cooler-Master, Enermax, Lian-Li and Thermaltake are good.


3. Make sure the Power Supply is able to provide at least 26 amps on the +12V rail, if you are planning to run a high-end vid card. Some power supplies have dual-rail +12V in which case about 16A on each rail is good.


4. Get a nice Microsoft or Logitech keyboard, and a Logitech G5 mouse :)


5. Don't ever buy a Hard Drive at MSRP, they are way too overpriced. Look for mail-in rebates at Best Buy or Circuit City. There's *always* something available. You shouldn't have to pay more than $50 on a 160GB HDD. Western Digital should be fine. :-


6. If I were you, I'd get a cheap CRT for now, and save up for a nice high-end widescreen monitor (Apple Cinema, HP2335), most of which use S-IPS panels.


Edit: removed another rant about TN displays, which seems to annoy some people here. :p

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