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load game/new game (Duel Core Processors)

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i have a relatively new computer


amd athlon 64x2 3800+

msi k8n neo 4 sli

seagate 7200.8 200gb

evga geforce 6800gs pci

1gb crucial ballistix 3200 ddr

plextor 716 al

soundbalaster live on-board


new drivers and dx9c


dxdiag looks good


for the first time i attempted to load/instal kotor 2... but i get to the load/new game screen and scion is doing the robot... frame rate of less than 1


can't start a new game.


no other game seems problematic... other than kotor. haven't tried nwn though.


dawn of war works fine and that ios probably one of my newer games.


any notions?




HA! Good Fun!




the mods can delete this post/thread if they wish. it turns out that the gosh darned nvidia drivers are twitchy when it comes to dual core processors. kotor and kotor2 are both screwed. there are some work arounds, but i am not sure if they are worth the effort.

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This would be a good thread to keep around, in case others have the same problem with duel core set ups.

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