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News on Starcraft 2???


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OMFG!!! Starcraft=the sweetest FPS of all time. Made by Blizzard. orund the same time as Warcraft. i think warcraft 2 is more accurate in the time though.


OMFG!!! STARCRAFT=/= FPS!!!!11 What game have you been playing?


He means the not yet released 'ghost' (if the name is correct) ,its FPS :rolleyes:


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Starcraft 2 will be a first person RPG made by Bethesda  :rolleyes:


Are you kidding? It's going to be a Sims expansion pack from EA. <_<


No! It will be devellopped by Bethesda and they will make it as a followup to Fallout 3, which will be a followup to Elder Scrolls 4, only with pirates. Cuz EVERYBODY loves pirates!


In Starcraft 2 you take control of Master Sarge, a Space Marine Cyborg (father was Marine, mother Cyborg) and you will have to use magic in order to defeat jedi Deathtroopers which are under the control of a space bounty hunter that is actually your sister. Special appearance from the cast of Friends, music by Avril Lavigne and Howard Shore.

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Oh, it'll be made...hell they'd break the million mark for sure, or perhaps two...maybe 3. Who wouldn't want to cash in on that?

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