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NWN2 Interview @ RPGDot


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Well,.. that was a nice informative interview. Good job RPGDot and Dhruin.


I really like the idea of the overland map with encounters. Old school and FUN!


Also the fact that you start out as unknown and have to work your way up.

Please, please let there be some real challenges in the game. Success is more rewarding when it requires intellingence and skill to pull off.


I also think what MCA said about the script editor sounds real good.

Always a good rule when you work with scripts and editors.


"KISS = Keep It Simple Stupid."


The sewer thingy is a non issue for me. I have seen enough sewers in games to last me a lifetime.


Also barrels good, crates bad.


I hope the Obsidian guys and gals get all the time they need to do this game right.


Concentrating on features and gameplay is time well spent.


Have fun making the game, and I will have fun buying and playing it.

I can't wait to take my thief character through this adventure.



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No doubt. Also the critters inthe sewers scared the living crap out of me. I saw this big lumbering critter thinking it will be an eas ykill because it was so slow then a green glob of whatever that was flew at me. I went WTF and ran away.


Thank god for the .50 cal gun. Of course my vamp with celerity did better against it. At celerity 5 I went all Neo on his arse.

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"So why are the ceilings so high?"


Because, that's the way dwarves tend to build. They aren't the pathetic hobbits of LOTR, afterall. Not to mention dwarves may be shorter, on average than humans; but their hieght can reach 5'.



"They need to look medieval."


No, they don't. They need to look Realmisan.


People seem to mix them up.


Realmsean does not equal Medieval.


They are very LOOSELY based on it.


Let's get it right, folks. :wub:

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The same goes for D&D as a whole. Afterall, medival times did not have dragons, magic, and etc. And,d efinitely not flying ships.


Plus, NWN2 is very much a FR product. Afterall, its title is a FR city. Coincidence? I think not.


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The Forgotten Realms is the second worse setting in Dungeons and Dragons, though I do agree that Ravenloft rocks.


I am not going to argue over sewer architecture on what should be Realmsian and what is medievel and blah blah blah. Hell, even in the Realms sewer architecture is different from region to region. I don't think the cities of Thay would use the same style as the city of Waterdeep, you know.


So instead of having a basic generic sewer tileset that can work in any medival campaign, FR or not, lets have FR specific ones for each region/nation in Faerun. Yeah, thats a good idea. :wub:

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It seems likely to me that a sewer in a medieval/fantasy/Faerun city would be pretty primitive compared to modern sewers, probably not much more than some underground tunnels (or even open air ditches) with sewage flowing through them. If it's possible to set water levels (and preferably adjust the water color to look more polluted and filthy) in dungeons, then it's likely that using a standard dungeon or cave tileset with water to "emulate" a sewer would actually give you a more authentic sewer than the sewer tileset of NWN with all of its pipes everywhere.



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Darksun, Post Apocalyptic fantasy game world where psionics reign.

Spelljammer, Dungeons and Dragons in SPACE!


Both are quite entertaining. In Spelljammer you could actually take a magic powered starship from Forgotten Realms Toril to Dragonlance Krynn. It was an... interesting setting that bridge the prime material based campaign settings together.

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