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Blade thread


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Here's the spread. I can't find the shillelagh or the battle axe. I think I might have lent the cudgel to someone, but the axe is anyone's guess. At any rate, here's the rest of what I have. I should take a picture of what my sister has the next time I'm in Vegas. She's serious about this stuff. Costs too much money for my tastes.


Notice the prop sword. It's actually got notches on the "edge" where a friend of mine and I hacked at each other with the damned thing. Ahh, seventeen years old. It's all rusty, but I never take care of it at all. In fact, it was in my closet when I pulled it out to take this picture. Also, it's the heaviest of all the blades by far.


Anyhow, I would put a picture of what weapon I'd most like to own, but nothing really strikes me. Sorry, another bad pun. I'm not a big weapon nut, to be honest.


EDIT: the prop sword is 20+ years old. I was seventeen when I filched it.

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^Get a gun.


For the owners of the blades out there: if a robber were to break into your house (since you're not going to carry the blades around anyway), how far would you go to stop the robber?


Would seriously hurting or killing the person and the legal consequences be at the back of your mind or would you go all out berserk?



Death. I wouldn't hurt them. They may sue you and you may have other stupid legal crap levied against you. If this person is dead, the police will have to take your word and the evidence that you were protecting yourself from someone who had intent to do you bodily harm.


there is always the family of the "victim" there to sue :) i love our legal system.

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The "crowd" here sometimes scares me a little...but in a good way. I think. :)


I own no blades, since I'm not into collecting stuff much - not to mention I'd probably cut my own toe off or something - but I love non-mechanical weapons, both for looks and for their historical impact and tacitcal use. Plus of course, they look cool. Personally, I want a huge jousting lance for a room corner. Alongside a suit of armor.


If someone broke into my house, I would likely cower in the bathroom (or better yet, my neighbor's bathroom) while calling the police. I do not have the skill or the physical attributes to be deadly or intimidating thus I would avoid such a confrontation if at all possible. But I'd probably prefer blunt over sharp because it requires less finesse/skill to use.

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The deadliest blade of them all:


Where are the headcrabs?

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This thread is a big "hey, f*** you!" to the humanity's intelligence.


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