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Books to help understand kotor starwars world?

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So today I was at the bookstore.. and I see some books called expanded universe star wars books, and I see some familier names on them that I see in the Kotor games. Names Like Exar Kun I think was one.


Are any of these worth reading? Could anyone reccomend any of them to me if I enjoyed the storylines in Kotor 1 and 2?


Thanks! :D

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Dark Horse had a Tales of the Jedi comic series that covers the exploits of Exar Kun and such in the Sith War. I believe that that particular series is now out of production. Starting in January, you will be able to buy KOTOR comics which will be based in Revan's era and draw from the lore in Kun's era.


If information is what you are looking for, your best bet would probably be

"The New Essential Chronology" which covers all Star Wars continuity, including

that from the Tales era.

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Well, I don't know any books, but this site (wikipedia.org) has a ton of stuff on KOTOR/KOTOR2/Expanded Universe.
Yes, especially for the KOTOR era, where most characters are considered minor and don't have articles or have stubs merged in "Lists of minor characters". Marvelous.
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