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X360 pretty much the same as ps3?


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some of you fellas is so full o' crap. am not a fan of console gaming, but even we gotta admit that the graphics improvements 'tween xbox and xbox 360 is major. get similar graphics from our pc? gotta spend at least $250 for the graphics card alone... probably more. on our big lcd hi-def tv these games would be looking fantastic.


'course, if you not got hi-def, then we agree that an xbox 360 probably ain't looking better than your old xbox... and that purchasing a next-gen console would be a waste.


response: but Gromnir, its just the graphics that has improved.


huh? what did you expect or want from shooters and racing games? graphics is the main thing that the industry has been seeking to improve.


as were the point of the initial post in this thread, folks in the know recognize that the differences 'tween ps3 and xbox 360 is not real. the tech superiority of ps3 or xbox 360 that some folks is buying into ain't based in reality. however consumers will eventually have to make a choice twixt hd-dvd & bluray. unfortunately, the current incarnation of the xbox 360 not got the hd-dvd.


w/o purchasing a console, we now got 2 xboxes and a ps2. next year at this time we fully expect to have at least one of the next generation consoles, but we gotta leave the choice up to the whim of the fates... as we have done in the past.


on a side note, the upcoming crpgs not look any better than the upcoming console rpgs. for the first time, Gromnir cannot say that the pc rpg menu looks like it is offering better fare in the near future.



HA! Good Fun!

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so a giant robot that duel wields lesbo's that duel wield rocketlaunchers that duel wield energy swords that command armies of little grunts to wipe out entire civilizations and penguins... did I get that right?


Okay, blame the meds, but that just confused the hell out of me.

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Depends on your TV. My cousins got his kids one for Xmas. On my TV it looks a lot better than the Xbox does (since my TV is HD) on his TV which isnt HD the difference is not particularly more marked than it is between different Xbox games.

I have to agree with Volourn.  Bioware is pretty much dead now.  Deals like this kills development studios.


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Given that your original challenge was:

(BF2 on HDTV) > the universe,


I think what Hades actually meant was:

Baldur's Gate > (BF2 on HDTV),


but what you interpreted Hades' comment as was:

(Baldur's Gate on HDTV) > (BF2 on HDTV).

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Heres a link in which it says that there is possibly little to no difference between the 2 graphic wise. I know i'll get the techs who say one is SOoo much better than the other, but I figured id stick this up here neways and see the feedback.




(im not 2 sure if I just copy and paste the link that it'll work)

edit: it did work

We don't know untill both of them come out but ya they're probably a lot closer than Sony and Microsoft wants us to believe.

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The boring thing about the Xbox 360 is that while the graphics are prettier and the framerates higher (in some cases), it's just not enough to warrant a 'next generation' label. It's mean, but the Xbox 360 sure feels like an Xbox 1.5. At least for now.


Why didn't any of the big console makers buy Ageia's PhysX technology? It sounded like a perfect fit.


And then what would our humble PC users turn to, the whole PhysX thing has got me excited!



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