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Neon Genesis Evangelion. :D

kirottu said:
I was raised by polar bears. I had to fight against blood thirsty wolves and rabid penguins to get my food. Those who were too weak to survive were sent to Sweden.


It has made me the man I am today. A man who craves furry hentai.

So let us go and embrace the rustling smells of unseen worlds

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Don't you go dissing Revan Man! His robes mirror what he is. A bad ass sith lord that needs some kind of protection. I can't see how some plasteel armor and a mask are tacky!


i still cant believe this guy made this and he was eeling it on ebay i am not sure anymore but the bids were like 1500 USD

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Yes, I believe the mad doctor captain tried turning the female lead into one near the end of the show. Here is the imdb link to the film. It was actually one of the few 'bombs' for Disney pictures.


Jaguars4ever is still alive.  No word of a lie.

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