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Gaming industry insertion loophole

Aes Sedai

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A recent survay done in the UK rated 'technical apptitide' (that is, the willingness and ability to learn rather than what they already know) as the most important skill for multimedia graduates. I'm afraid I don't have the details to hand however.


And it makes sense in an industry that changes so much from decade to decade.


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Just as a side note - All the programmers (including scripters) at Obsidian have four year degrees. Only about one or two of the programmers do not have the degree in computer science.




Yea, I think its most likely that a Scripter or Programmer have his Education/Degree, but a 3D Modeller or artist doesnt need his degree or education thing at all, he could work on it in his free time and still be good at it. Yet having a degree in anything computer related is good too, dont you think guys?


I mean if your like me, young and is going to start studying towards an education, you should choose something computer related to have a relation to this business. Its still a growing and very depending on alot of things industry, its very unsafly to relay on this to earn for living too. Atleast thats how I sees it, please prove me wrong.


As I mentioned it before, I am going for a Programmer Degree/Education, or whatever you call. But in the Game Development Industry is my place, working on it from now on, so I can have my little 2-5 years experience in Game Industry thing, for the future.


Can any tell me what programs and abilities exactly an Obsidian Employer should have to get a place in this great company? Like which programs and programming languages? As far as I know its AutoDesk 3Ds Max, and C++ with some OpenGL skills that matters, plus some time with Games and a Passion for it, and a little nip of talent, right?


Mossa TheGreat... :D

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Degrees are nice because they take up extra space on your resume.


I got an IT degree and hardly use it. Switched fields and got into the industry as a CS Lead. On the side I am modding NWN games and teaching myself scripting. The local community college here actually has a Video Game course. They offer Design, Art, Programming and Production. Taking some classes so I can use up more space on my resume! :cool:


Honestly, I tend to believe that degrees and certs (if they relate to gaming) are important. It shows the company that you can finish what you start and that's important in gaming. But in the end, what you can do is most important, IMO.

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To Aes Sedai;


Judging from your nickname, I suppose you are into Robert Jordan's The Wheel of Time and, perhaps, fantasy fiction in general.


I wasn't able to see what position/profession (I worked for 30 hours and still don't have the time to sleep, sorry) you are willing to take on the field but I presume you are willing to give out innovative story/conceptual/application ideas of yours.


Anyway, have you tried to write a story/conceptual description or so and applied to some side sectors like pen&paper role playing industry, book industry and such? Wizards of the Coast usually helds that kinda contests and such and publish the stories in a collected book, near to some acclaimed writers and so.


I am a musician myself and I always had the passion (I still have :) ) to compose music for games. Most of the known developers I contacted, suggested me to compose and freely donate my music to new indie developers from 3rd party countries who are pretty much new into developing their own game industry.


Guess what? I still couldn't get anything to hold on from gaming industry but now I am composing a symphonic rock cd for a world wide known opera singer and I will use this in my application next time.


Oh, and I never had a proper musical education. Had to work hours after school (I studied banking and finance, near to marketing at university and science in lycee) in order to develop my skills. You DON'T NEED a degree or something, but as almost everyone else stated, near to professionals here, you need the passion to do it. Not just the passion of announcing your will and intention but the action.


If I were you, I wouldn't even waste time reading forums but work on shaping my ideas and making them concrete, then applying to the right people. I work in music industry and, I don't know it is similar in gaming, having a communication network pays a lot, I must say. This, I can advise.


Hope to see you working on what you wished friend.

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