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kotor 3 ideas


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i agree with everyone talking about jedi robes. I think in this

one they should put hoods on the jedi robes like kreia had on in

kotor 2. I also not like the way your character looks like when

you go over to the dark side. He does look like a old man.

I would like to see in this one when you go over to the dark side

instead of looking like an old man how about yellow eyes like

anakin had when he turned to the dark side.



How about this. You can build your own lightsaber the way you want

it to be. I think that would be so cool. :cool:


Also maybe in this one you can be a child and learn the ways of the force

at the jedi academy and you can grow up into an adult.

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There is already a topic about KotOR III ideas and suggerstions:




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This thread is a big "hey, f*** you!" to the humanity's intelligence.


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Wait, what's this KotOR3 everyone's talking about?

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Even fewer people would read it then.


Folks, especially newcomers just scroll over them.

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