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LS/DS Different endings?

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Yes, it's incomplete. When people have dug through the scripts for the game's ending stuff, and listened to the sounds recorded for the ending stuff, there was meant to be a TON of more stuff, with lots of plot resolutions and even deaths of party members.


Luckily, there is a devoted group working to restore that content. :(



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The only noticable ending differences I remember are 1) the Mira & Hanhar sequence and 2) the fact the end conversation with Kreia is different at the end - ie, what she says happens to your buddies. It's been a while since I played tho.


There are minor dialogue/confrontation/cutscene differences for LS/DS actions/status, but nothing that makes the game more enlightening or anything.

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I like the LS ending better. But that's because I've never played DS.

It's not all that diefferent from LS. The planet doesn't blow up, but I think it was said already you can throw Kreia into the abyss once you're done talking to her.

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^Yeah, you have no choice but to throw her into the abyss. A fitting end. It would be better if she were still alive and screamed on the way down.


The futures of your allies are different, too - e.g. Handmaiden will strive to forget you and the Jedi.

Handmaiden does that? :wacko: I haven't played the game completly through as a DS male yet.

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I'm afraid KOTOR II has a disapointing ending. As I discovered 9 months ago when the game came out. :devil:



LOL, am I the only one that still enjoyed the game, cut content or not? On my fourth play through, I have only just discovered that as a LS female exile that you can still spar with the handmaidens? Seems everytime I replay this game, I find new stuff, lol.


Although, I have still yet to play it DS :"> so I have not enjoyed the pleasure of seeing the slightly different ending...chucking Kreia down the abyss makes it almost seem worth going DS :-

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LOL, am I the only one that still enjoyed the game, cut content or not?
No, you can count me as well.


:D Thank you! I hear so much negativity about this game, it really baffles me! I thought the gameplay was outstanding, and it was also unlike any other game that I have played, better than K1 (which incidentally I thought was a brilliant game when I first played, but gees...K2 knocked spots off it) :)

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