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WoW free 14 day trial CD in Maxim


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In the latest issue of Maxim there seems to be a free 14 day trail of WoW, in case you want to try before you buy.


The only question is, do I bother trying it

That made me smile.

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Because I'm a Cylon.

Not you.

oooo...that's just embarresing for meta.

Not my fault people aren't following netiquette and posting the topics they are replying to when replying; I was just being sociable: no burnies for me (as I don't even know who Maximilian Pegasus is; I just googled and guessed, heretofore known as g&g).




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I've spent about 500 hours on one of my WoW characters. Rather sad, really.


That said, you'd have to be a masochist to spend close to 200 hours on K2. What's that, 10 full playthroughs? Blah.

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jesus christ! 177 hours on kotor 2?!?! ffs!


well at least you have a funny name.

by all that is holy!!! someone doesn't have a life.


I think it counts replays. Like if you beat the game in 25 hours, and then replay it for 30 hours, you would get 55 hours on that little card thing.

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