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Bastila or Handmaiden (Briana)

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Im surprised nobody has mentioned this yet......but you should take a look see around previous threads. They're very simmilar, if not the same, as this thread.


*MUST........RESIST..............FLAMING!!!!!!!!!!* :wub:

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In terms of hottness, Bastila, but for personality Bastila annoys the hell out of me, and I like Handmaiden personality wise, since she acts kind of tough and distant, but inside she is sad that her father died, so her personality is unique. Bastila is on a little too much of a power trip for me :p

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Yeh I too notice how there are heaps of similar threads...but I'll stay on topic.


Bastila for sure. :wub:


I think her annoying attitude in K1 was vital or else I wouldn't have gotten that satisfication and romantic feeling of winning her over. Yes, successful Jedi romance...take that Anakin!


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Bastila :lol: of course. I'm sure the majority of the posters will agree with that.

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