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Hey guys, this is my first KotOR II campaign and all I want to know right now is that is it possible to romance Visas while playing LS? Cos I am playing a LS Jedi and was trying to romance her but whenever I try to talk to her I get the same dialogue options, I tried every dialogue option that is available but the plot doesn't move on. And it has been a very very long time since she initiated a dialogue with me. Now she is not talking to me and whenever I try to talk to her I get to roll the same old dialogue options about her master and the destruction of her home world. New dialogue options just doen't seem to appear. I have also never lost influence with her, not a single time. Though on some ocassions I gained influence with her.



Now I am thinking is it even possible to romance her while playing LS or is it some sort of bug that is preventing the advance in my dialogue sequence with Visas.

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Assuming that you are taking a male PC, there will be some parts in the game where an exchange of dialogue between the Handmaiden and Visas will occur. If you talk to Kreia, she will mention a line like 'Do not mate with the blind one' at a certain point in the game.


Visas will also engage in dialogue with your PC after Kreia abandons your PC when the Jedi Masters who have gathered at the Enclave on Dantooine have been slain by her hand.


These are basically plot-based rather than via voluntary dialogue initiation by your character.

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Well Kreia already mentioned that line ' do not mate with the blind one', a long time ago. But at that time I didnt have anyone along, as I was aboard Ebon Hawk, I talked with Kriea in her chamber after that I went to Visas chamber and talked with her (hoping that some new dialogue might appear) but nothing happened, no new dialogue options appeared.


As for dantooine, I haven't reached that far in the game. Lets, see if something happens there. Though I have a good mind of swithching to Mira as I think my plot with Visas will remain stuck as it has been so long since she said something to me or I got something new to talk with her.

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Same thing for me, when i want to romance Visas, i have always the same dialog part.


Like: ''Tell me about your homeworld''...always the same dialog

''Strike me down,and i will become more powerful''


''To know the Light you must see the Dark''


'' Join us on the path of the Darkside''

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ok thanks.


If Korriban will prove tougher then I'll go there as these KotOR games are prooving quite easy to beat, unlike some of the other RPGs I have played.


Infact the only thing that I dont like about KotOR games is that they are too easy, does not present any real challenges, specially when it comes to combat.

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No order is natural. Most people visit Korriban last, though, on their first playthrough. Apparently it is diffucult, but I never have any real problems with it.


About the only hard thing on Korriban is in Ludo Kressh's tomb/vision chamber at the back of the cave, and then only if you're playing the Exile as LS - if LS, your force points don't regenerate. Still, its not too hard anyway, and all that happens if you die is you get a few DSP - In here, death isn't permanent.

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