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Really Pathetic Genre


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Hey everyone! Check this out, it's awesome. And good. And 100% fat free and stuff.




What is Really Pathetic Genre? I hear you ask in confusion. Really Pathetic Genre (or RPG for short) is yet another machinima series. What is a machinima? I hear you utter in perplexity. A machinima is a relatively new form of entertainment. What it is is a series of videos available for download on the internet (though some particularly popular machinimas may release DVDs). These videos have been made by capturing video off the computer screen while playing a game. The game has usually been customised first, and extra effects and voices may be added afterwards. The end result is a (usually) humorous video.


Really Pathetic Genre is a bit different to your normal machinima though. It does not focus purely on humour, and as the videos progress a serious and interesting story unfolds itself, as well as character development and all that. Of course there is still some humour along the way to keep it interesting. As well as this, RPG does not have voices or sound added into the videos, but uses in-game text to convey speech. RPG follows the adventures of a small group of unlikely heroes as they begin their quest to restore the flow of beer to Homtown, but this is only the beginning of the dangers and adventures that await them. The humour in RPG comes largely from making fun of the RPG genre, especially console RPGs. There is still humour coming from other sources as well though.


Really Pathetic Genre is available to download here for free! If you don't have much space on your computer, your internet speed is very slow, or you just can't be bothered downloading them, the scripts for each episode are also available in text form. So now you have no excuse not to give them a try!


Hmmm. On second thought I bet nobody bothers to read this. Meh.

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How does it feel to have everyone hate you?

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I feel mature by comparison to you lot.... And yet, I can't...stop...laughing.

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