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ATARI staff question


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Since Brandon Smith (Grok) was apparently let go in the Atari layoffs last year, you could probably remove him from the list of Atari reps in the members section.


I am wondering if you now have a replacement for Brandon, since there seems to be a little life beginning now in the PR/Marketing department with the upcoming PC Gamer article. Is John Hight still around? Or, is it Dorian Richard who you work with most?


I know you Obsidianites can't do much talking about much of anything, but I have been able to get a little super secret info from the Atari folks occasionally in the past. Maybe you could create accounts for them on these forums, like you did for the other Atari members (with current emails :) ). The new guys may even turn out to be chatterboxes

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I don't think you're going to get an answer, Camael.  :(


Not really unexpected, in fact I think I would have been shocked if I did get a response. Actually I believe they set up the Atari accounts back before they knew the NWN2 forums were going to Bioware, so there may not be much of a point to setting up the new Atari people here. It's not like any of the previous Atari reps ever visited these boards anyway

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