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Bouight a buinch oif rpgs.....


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1. Be patient with the combat system.


2.Be patient in waiting for a lightsaber.


3.Be wary of what you say and do, almost everything will affect your alignment.


4.Make sure you talk to your companions whenever you get the chance, they may have useful advice or they might even unlock a bonus mission.


5.Be sure to check every map thoroughly before you transit into a different area. You might come across some useful items or NPC's.


All i can think of right now.

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Hehe, they might... OIir I might boitiher toi actuially delete the extra Is.


This proiblem might actuially be a benefit.. Maybe I can Hoitkey a skill toi O and anoither toi I and uise 2 skills with the press oiif a buittoin... In fps games I coiiuild even hoitkey straft right toi O and strafe left toi I and strafe boith directioins instantly.... There juist might be soimie goioid gaming aplicatioins toii this!


Fish - thanks foiir the tips.

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