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How to Throw a Grenade at Objects?

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I just started playing KOTOR2 yesterday & am on the first main level with my character, trying to get the Ebon Hawk up & running.


After getting to the Droid Controller & then heading back to the Fuel turbo lift I encounter a cylinder that is broken/damaged. I'm told I can't unlock it or force it, but I may be able to open it with a sonic grendade...


My question is - how do i throw a grenade at the cylinder as I don't have a target/combat action display up. I only have the normal blue action display with the unlock option. I have plenty of grenades. Going to the inventory/equip won't let me equip them & there seems to be no 'throw grenade' key.


Any help appreciated.


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I'm not expecting anything out of the container - but it got me stumped & started to imagine all sorts of scenarios where I would need to use grenades on various objects!


How do I use the grenade on the container?

You don't. It's not necessary for the game, and the game doesn't allow you to do it. Grenades are for throwing at enemies, and that's about it. Containers and doors can be opened with mines.

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Was choosing 'Angle instead of 'Angel conscious, or did you just typo your nick? :D

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