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Dantooine "redemption" quest

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  • 1 year later...

If you have KSE kotor savegame editor, you can cheat the quest completed. Change the "quests" entry for "Redemption" to 90 if you're LS, or 91 if you're DS.

To get the KSE V3.3.3 go to http://www.starwarsknights.com/tools.php

For now that is the only way I know of to complete the quest until TSL restoration patches it.

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Another 2 year old topic? I sense a thread necromancer lurking in the shadows...

I'd go with 2d3, 3d6, 1/2d7, 1d10, 14d12, 8d20, 13 quarters, and a groundhog.


I'm not sure if you'll need all that, but if you figured out a system from it, it would be the greatest in the world.

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or maybe he or she sat in the dark .. feeling lonely, crying and just being depressed about the prospect of never getting help.. and this Necroposter lifted him/her out of the misery that had held him/her impriosned for almost 2 years..



you never know...

Fortune favors the bald.

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It's good to collect useful information together, for people who search first, rather than just post new topics whenever they want to ask a question. Which is much neater. Unfortunately, people tend to use any excuse for spamming, such as name-calling "necropost" or "n00b" depending on whether the poster exhumes an old thread or starts a new one.


A true win-win situation for the spammer, then. :)




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Thread pruned.


The PM system is your friend.


To post or not to post that is the question. The answer is quite simple. If you have nothing constructive to add to the discussion, mums the word. If you have something relevent to add to the discussion, by all means do so. Otherwise just pass it on by.

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