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1k Movies Bug - HELP

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:ph34r: Hmmm


Anyone else experience this problem?


"Some" of the movies in the game flash black then return you back to your game, leaving you wondering what just happened in the plot. Some of the movies work fine, some of the movies quit before they show the first frame, and then return you to the gameplay at the new location or with the new affects that I assume were explained in the movie.


I contacted Lucas Arts Tech support... kind of funny, they suggested I update my video card driver. :p Of course, I'm currently running the version they recommended on their compatibility list. Besides the problem has nothing to do with video cards.


I looked deeper and here's the problem. When the game unlocks the movies it frequently only unlocks 1k files which are just enough to launch the video, then drop it. Out of 57 movies unlocked, only 19 of them are the full size files and work, the rest are only 1k.


Anyone know how this can be fixed, PLEASE. Obviously I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling. My game meets all the requirement including ALOT of HD space (and yes I'm using XP :p )

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Yes, I could be a little more clear on this.


The game functions as it should (well lol, we all know it has odd bugs and crashes occassionally, but I think you know what I mean lol), except most of the movies are not viewable.


The game will go about its walking and fighting and adventuring etc, then something in the plot of the game will trigger a movie cut scene and the game's video playey will attempt to play the game. If the movie has the complete file, no problem, the movie will play and when it ends gameplay picks back up at the end of the movie event as it should. However since out of 57 movies unlocked, only 19 of them are the full file and the rest are exactly and only 1k in size instead of watching the movie a black screen flashes on, then you are returned to gameplay wherever the movie places your character. For example... most of the Onderon movies are only 1k, so when the game triggers a movie after the movie tries to play but is only 1k it will flash black and when it comes back to the game suddenly my character is at the palace, or suddenly my war oblisk is in the streets or suddenly my ship has landed. I have to guess what happened in the movie that puts my character where it does when gameplay returns.


What's real annoying is this bug has cheated me of an "ending". The end of the game has 4 movies linked together to explain what happens after you finish your battles (I'm being vague to avoid incidental spoilers). However out of the 4 movies, 3 of them are 1k so the game shows the first one (full size), then just flashes the black screen 3 times and suddenly I am back at the main menu, plot and gamve over as it should be, EXCEPT I don't even know what happened.


In summary, the game is unlocking most of the files with a size of 1k. The game thinks the 1k files are ok and attempts to play them, but because they are so small, the game treats them like tiny tiny mvoies and the second the movies starts, the movie ends.


Note: I used no cheats or mods, and the game discs appear in mint condition, so that can't be to blame.

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If you right-click on the desktop, a menu appears. Click on properties and a settings menu appears. There are several tabs, so click on settings tab and click on the Advanced button. The menu that comes after this has several tabs. One of the tabs probably has screen refresh rates, depending on your system. If there is more than one refresh rate, select a different one, one that's higher, hit Ok. Just run through the game's movies again to see if it works.

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Actually, I think I know what the problem is....



My first question is whether or not you have the "real" 4 disc version, or that weird 2-disc russian thingy.... I know that when I bought a copy of it off of ebay, I got a 2-disc version of the game in russian. When checking the files with a friends real copy, I discovered in the movie folder that all my movies were 1 kb. That's how they were able to fit the game onto 2 discs.

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Funny thing is that I do have the russian copy. The ebayer didn't really specify that until I bought it. So at this point what do I do? I almost went out and bought the US version this weekend along with a new graphics card. Is there a way to get these movies or should I just buy the US version.

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